5 Remedies Using Onion Gel For Hair Growth & Styling

Onion Gel For Hair Growth

Ask a group of women about their favorite ingredient for hair growth and a majority of them will swear by onion hair gel. Loaded with sulfur, onion gel promotes collagen production and supports strong hair which eventually prevents hair fall and encourages growth. The best part of a good onion gel is that it can also be used to style your hair and prevent frizz. Especially, if you are a curly head woman, onion gel can help you get soft, bouncy, and frizz-free curls in no time.

Using Onion Hair Gel For Hair Growth

Nourish the hair follicles, minimize hair thinning, and prevent hair fall by using onion hair gel for hair growth. The following DIY remedies using onion gel will also promote healthy hair and prevent grey hair.

1. Onion & Aloe Gel

Loaded with antioxidants and proteolytic enzymes, this aloe-onion hair gel boosts hair growth and also repair damaged cells. Prepare a mask by first extracting onion juice with the help of a grater or blender. Mix this juice with freshly extracted aloevera gel. You can also use store-bought aloe gel. Massage this hair gel on the scalp and leave for at least an hour before washing it off. Apply this gel twice a week for best results. If you have extremely thin hair or severe hair fall, we recommend using this gel every alternate day..

2. Onion-Honey Gel

This onion hair gel prepared with onion juice and honey makes for an amazing hair mask to promote hair growth. The mask is also effective in treating dandruff issues. Prepare this honey-onion hair gel by mixing onion juice and honey in the ratio of 2:1. Partition your hair in sections and apply the gel on each section, Make sure to massage the scalp and the hair roots. Leave for half an hour and wash with lukewarm water.

3. All-In-One Onion Hair Gel

If you are allergic to honey, you can use this onion hair gel prepared with castor oil. Take onion juice according to the length of your hair and mix it with equal amounts of aloe gel. Add a few tablespoons of castor oil along with some vitamin E oil. Massage hair and scalp with this gel to get silky, healthy, and voluminous hair. Use this hair gel thrice a week.

4. Using Onion Hair Gel For Hair Styling

Not many women know that onion hair gel can also stylize hair with a variety of looks. Whether you want a wet look or slicked-back hair, use this DIY hair styling gel for women. This gel is also effective in taming frizz and creating voluminous curls.

5. Onion-Biotin-Flaxseed Gel

This hair styling gel for women offers a stronghold for hair while allowing you to style your hair the way you want. The gel is made with onion oil, biotin, flaxseed oil, rosemary, aloe vera, and grapeseed oil. Prepare the hair styling gel for women by mixing a small bowl of onion oil and equal amounts of flaxseed oil, and grapeseed oil. Add a few drops of liquid biotin and rosemary oil to this mixture. At last, add two bowls of aloe vera and mix everything well.

Use this hair styling gel for women to stylize straight, wavy, or curly hair. Follow these tips to create interesting looks:

  • For a slicked-back look, apply this hair styling gel for women on the forehead with fingertips and then move to the back of the head. Use a comb and blow-drier afterward for a stronghold that will last all day.
  • To create a wet look, damp your hair and then apply a small amount of this hair styling gel for women to the roots. Make your favorite hairstyles such as a bun or a ponytail and then use hair spray to keep everything in place.
  • For well-defined curls, partition the hair strands to create sections and apply hair styling gel for women on each section. Twist the strands while doing so. At last, flip your head and crumple the curls up to create volume.
  • Create a messy look by coating your hair with the hair gel while taming the fly-aways. Move the strands randomly in different directions to achieve a messy style. Do follow your natural partition while creating this look.


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