Moving to Surrey: 5 Tips Before Choosing your Ideal Surrey Movers

Moving to Surrey: 5 Tips Before Choosing your Ideal Surrey Movers

Surrey is one of the largest cities in British Columbia that shares a boundary with the USA. For all the obvious reasons, Surrey receives the desired attention from various parts of the province and beyond. It thus witnesses a good number of people moving to and fro the city throughout the year. The migration is only made easier by the numerous moving companies in Surrey that help people move their entire house/office with zero hassles.

However, are all moving companies the same? Do they offer the same range of services? Are their prices the same? When you rely on a third-party service provider, seeking answers to these questions not only comes naturally but also plays a crucial role in deciding whether to opt for the services.

Through this blog, we will answer such questions and help you decide whether a Surrey-based moving company is really worth hiring.

1. Ease of Moving Inventory

When you move a house or an office to your new location, it is obvious you have heavy belongings in bulk. You are already administering the entire shifting which in itself is tiring.

Evidently, moving all of these possessions can only burden you up with more physical labor. While you surely have a cost-efficient option of renting a vehicle instead, loading and unloading your belongings has to be handled by you and your family.

On the contrary, a full-fledged moving company provides expert staff members who help you with moving your belongings. In fact, most companies load your belongings, unload them at your new place and make sure you are fully settled down. Most organizations include these services in their basic package ensuring that your shifting experience is smooth and hassle-free.

2. Expert-level packaging

Packaging for any general user usually comprises commonly available papers, tapes, and carton boxes and is limited to only these. It is thus highly possible that fragile objects such as mirrors are damaged during the flight.

The experienced staff from the moving companies ensure that your packaging is safe and none of your belongings are damaged even in the roughest of the roads. They use a diverse range of materials each corresponding to a defined set of materials. They will wrap and double wrap the goods with cardboards, bubble wraps and whatnot to ensure a safe migration.

3. Service charges

You are paying your hard-earned money to a moving company for its services. And, you really can’t afford to let all of it go for waste. Make sure, you ask for details about every penny the agency is charging- 

  • Does it include the packaging and loading the goods?
  • Will the agency take care of the toll taxes?
  • Will the agency charge extra for the number of stairs they have to walk?
  • Is there any hidden charge that the company isn’t disclosing?

Above all, reach out to at least 3 other Surrey movers. Compare the services and the prices they charge for each. 

4. Moving Insurance

Does your moving company offer insurance for your lost/damaged goods? If not, you better start looking for another Surrey moving company. Otherwise, the company won’t hold responsibility for the losses and might not compensate for them in any manner.

With moving insurance in writing which is signed by both parties, the moving company abides by the laws and is bound to pay you the compensation. That way users to are assured that the company is proactive with its services and claims to provide a 100% safe migration. 

The moving industry is evolving at a rapid pace. The conventional industry has already made its presence in the webspace. As a result, you always have access to more than one company to move your goods. All it takes is online research and comparison on leading sites such as BBB that will help you find your ideal moving company in Surrey


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