10 Things to Look for When Hiring Conference Venues

10 Things to Look for When Hiring Conference Venues

If you are going to organize a conference then there a large number of decisions that you have to take into it. Among these decisions, a decision that is very important is to choose a venue. According to the venue selected, you have to decide your event’s date. Now I am going to describe 10 things to look for when hiring conference venues.

1. Cost

First you need to find out how much money will the operator of the venue charge you. Ask him if the fees include taxes and services too. Will he charge a fee for the set-up? And what about chairs, tables and linens? Are there charges for beverages and food? Do the charges include the cost of A/V equipment and Wi-Fi?

2. Layout and space

Check the capacity of the venue to make sure your event’s needs can be met with it. Does it have enough space to accommodate the facility, networking area or stage and breakout rooms? For delegating connections there is a lot of importance of the meeting room’s outer space. Check if the floor space is flexible or not. Is there a possibility of changing the rooms as per your requirement? For 50 attendees, hiring a room with space for 300 attendees is not a good idea. Check if the Wi-Fi is available at the patio, garden, lawn and deck so that the attendees who go there can use it.

3. Parking and accessibility at the location

If near the railway station or the airport you choose your venue then it will be very helpful to the guests who are present in the other town and want to come to your event by traveling. Check if parking is present at the venue so that an attendee who wants to come there via car can park his car there. Look for the parking near the venue if you do not find the parking on site.

4. Amenities and services

There is no surety that you will get all the amenities and services at the venue. Sometimes it becomes necessary for you to contact the outside vendors that the venue coordinator knows. They will help you in arranging certain things like décor, lighting and staging, IT support, services of audio-visual, pens and pads, floral arrangements and catering. There are lots of possibilities for them to be experienced and experts in their field because the venue has recommended them.  

5. Venue’s atmosphere

For setting your conference’s tone or mood, the space’s décor and ambiance play an important role. Choose the venue that can support you in cementing your professional image or in making serious decisions. Create an atmosphere of that type by arranging lighting and furniture that suits it. Along with this, you have to make sure that there is no issue with the noise from outside.

6. Beverage and food

Check if at the venue the refreshments, snacks, breaks and meals of your choice are available or not. Are you interested in a buffet style? If someone wants a vegan or gluten-free diet then will the venue provide that to him? Will the caterer come from outside? Will those ingredients be used in the food that are fresh?

7. Tech / Audiovisual

You may want to show the videos and presentations of PowerPoint at the conference and for that, you need Wi-Fi and AV. Along with these, special lighting, screens, projectors and microphones are also important and you may take interest in these things also. Ask the coordinator of the venue if he can arrange all these things at the venue. Also, enquire him if there is enough tech support for correcting any issue in any device.

8. Various types of restrictions

Sometimes outside catering, videography/photography and walls decoration are not allowed in certain venues and you have to complete your conference under these restrictions. There is a possibility that you will not be allowed to use the space outdoor. It will be good for you to discuss all this with the venue coordinator in advance.

9. Accommodations for lodging

There should be a facility of overnight lodging at the venue especially if the event is going to be held out-of-town. If no such facility can be provided then you have to make arrangements for the transportation of the guests.

10. Support for staffing

Look if the venue provides you the staff so as to assist you. Check whether for event security and concierge support the venue provides you the staff or not. What is their dress? Are they capable of assisting you in ticketing, managing registrations and checking in guests? Will the staff clean up the things and manage the setup?

If you want to host workshops, company inaugurations, product presentations, events and conferences, product launches, ceremonies and celebrations then it will be good for you to contact an Event agency as it will help you in organizing an event like those mentioned above.


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