Most Brilliant Software for Logo Design

If you intend to build a new business, any sort of business, you will require a logo design for your brand. As a calling card for your brand, it’s the most recognizable part of your general business.

When it comes to making a logo design, most entrepreneurs just don’t know where to go. I will show you some most brilliant options to make your own logo design. They range from the professional and complex to simple applications that anybody can utilize, so you’re certain to get something that suits your range of abilities and requirements.

1. DesignEvo Logo Maker

DesignEvo Logo Maker

Being one of the best-known logo creators globally, DesignEvo Logo Maker is created with a very user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. 

With this free tool, you can make your logo design in just three steps. First, choose a logo template from the 10,000 professionally designed.

Second, search with a particular keyword to find the desired icon from more than a million preset ones. This will make sure it is reasonably relevant to your brand. Add text and change the size, color, style, alignment, etc. If you like, add a shape or background to your logo design.  

It allows you to choose between several types of fonts, adjust colors, use drag and drop to locate the vector shape or the text box. Editing is done in real-time, and any design can be reedited. 

Last, download your logo for any use. A novelty of DesignEvo Logo Maker is that it allows you to create all possible logos and store them in the user account and pay only for the one that is going to be downloaded in PNG, JPG, PDF, and SVG formats.

2. DesignMantic


DesignMantic has a 3-step logo designer: select the service, but the company name, and choose the industry. From this, the software presents a series of suggested templates that can be edited by adjusting the text in position, font, and color, as well as editing the vectors.

Logos can be used for email, web pages, social media, business card printing, T-shirts, company documents, and other media resources.

It allows you to use both categories and keywords to take a look at the templates. It offers Premium support five days a week and requires registration to use the platform.

3. LogotypeMaker


For companies looking for a vector logo, LogotypeMaker is also an ideal solution. Its logo maker generates colorful vector and typographic designs.

Although it does not have bitmap images in its gallery, it allows you to import one from your PC or mobile device and edit it. Also, create a logo shortcode to add to a CMS or page creation platform. Likewise, designs adapted to social networks, email, and for printing on business cards, letterheads, digital portfolios, etc., are created.

The platform works with artificial intelligence to design the logos. But if help is needed, it has many guides on graphic design, brand management, and social platforms, while technical support provides personalized guidance to each client.

4. Logogenie


Logogenie has a fairly comprehensive logo maker that includes various fonts, more than a thousand pre-designed templates, and a wide color palette. All this is in a very easy-to-use platform.

Its operation is standard: enter the company name, select a template, edit the logo design and download the logo. It even allows a preview before downloading.

In Logogenie, PNG and JPG formats are available for digital use both in social networks and on the web, email, and others. Also, the file is created in SVG and PDF formats for printing.

You can start editing from any of the 20 categories and use the logo created on letterheads, business cards, and other designs that are also created on the platform.

5. LogoFactory Web

LogoFactory Web

Although it is the last on the list, LogoFactory Web is well equipped with the necessary tools to design logos with vector figures. It gives you the option to add different types of fonts, adjust the text, choose color, orientation, and font size, as well as add shadow effects.

All designs can be started from scratch or use one of the templates from the many categories. At LogoFactory Web, many royalty-free images can be used for any purpose, with no cost to use or download. Furthermore, it is the only platform that does not require a subscription, user email, or logins to use it.

With the help of these online logo creation pages and programs, you can start creating your corporate identity to distinguish your brand or website from the competition.


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