Is Buying An Air Conditioner A Good Choice?

Buying An Air Conditioner

Air conditioner, a stupendous device with the greatest advancements. It is usually used to reduce the temperature of the room and give a pleasant cooling sensation to the people around it.



Nowadays due to climatic changes and global warming, the temperature of the sun is increasing day by day. To overcome the heat from the outside, people are interested to buy an Air conditioner. Mainly in India, in recent days, the sales of the AC are high when compared to previous years, because people can’t withstand the heat. AC does not come under luxury, it is necessary.


AC can give you a feeling that, if you are in the desert,   you will feel like you are in an arctic region. It gives that chillness, coldness, it gives a good feel and nourishment. In the summer season, people can’t live without a fan or AC.

There is one major disadvantage with the fan, it easily transfers the heat from the environment. But the AC system is completely different, it sucks up the heat and gives you humidity.


AC is an adaptive device, we can set up AC anywhere in a room with a close and compact surrounding. We can also set up AC in cars, buses and anywhere. It is the greatest technology that human beings have discovered.



The coin has both sides, likewise, everything has two sides. All electronic gadgets have both advantages and disadvantages. Likewise, AC also has its own pros and cons. Now, I’m going to list out the disadvantages.


AC gives chillness and it can change the temperature of the environment in seconds. But it has too many health issues. If you are using AC for a long time, then it will create some health issues. AC sucks the air from outside and gives chillness and humidity to the stipulated room. Through that process, outside air can contain minute particles, bacterias, viruses, and other disease-causing agents. We cant be able to clean the AC frequently. So, it is a major disadvantage.  It may create a disease for you. In this Covid situation, people are advised not to use AC because it may contain viruses.


AC emits toxic gases to the environment, it affects the ozone layer and also it leads to increased temperature and it results in global warming. Actually, AC is a major reason for the increase in global warming, but people are madly using the same thing to get rid of heat and to reduce the temperature around them.


The intention of the people is to reduce the temperature around them but they are unintentionally increasing the temperature of the whole earth.


If you want to live your life in a fantastic manner, then you have to use all the sources available for us. This is one life, we have to live our life without any limitation. If your surroundings are heated and you can’t survive there, then you can buy AC without any second thought.

If you are an environment enthusiast or who wants to save the earth, then avoid AC. Plant trees nearby your area, it will automatically reduce the temperature and give coolness. There are so many people showing their protests against climate change and global warming. Better join with them and help them to achieve the goal that is useful for the whole world.

Finally, as I already stated, the coin has two sides, likewise, whether to buy an AC or not. It is your choice.


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