Impact of IoT on Changing Your Future Love Story!

Changing Your Future Love Story

Pandemic and mobile apps changed the dynamics of socializing, and introverts are the happiest! There’s no more peer pressure visiting the clubs on weekends, no more dinner dates with friends, no more movie nights, etc.

While on the other hand, it also ruined the social and dating lives of other people. Indeed, dating apps played a vital role in people’s lives even before the unpredictable COVID-19 pandemic; however, the choice is no longer available!

As we all know, dating is now restricted to only chatting over text and video or voice calls; how do you think users are coping with the new pattern?

‘Pandemic Dating’ is the New Trend

Don’t be too surprised! ‘Pandemic Dating’ is an actual term that refers to dating ONLINE and where geographical barriers don’t matter. Dating apps now let people meet virtually and form meaningful relationships.

Of course, there are numerous downsides to online dating, and many people face issues building trust with their date. However, there’s a lot of scope for improvement, and the Internet of Things (IoT) can play a tremendous role in enhancing the experience. 

Did you know?

A report suggests that the dating industry will likely hit $3,241 million by the end of 2021. 

BINGO! This is precisely what startups are looking forward to and building mobile dating apps because the industry sounds promising!

As mentioned above…

Technologies like IoT, when leveraged into dating apps, can bring out something incredible. Therefore, if you’re interested in creating your own dating app, this blog will throw light on some of the important highlights that could reap benefits. 

So, let’s get started!

About Internet of Things 

IoT and online dating have formed a more profound connection as the tech allows the platform to capture more smart data about the app users. 


Surprisingly, connected devices we are surrounded by, including smart home speakers, smart watches, etc., play a crucial role. These form a multitude of IoT devices; thus, the information is gathered and transferred to the application. 

Why IoT?

Can IoT influence the manner users find their other half?

THAT’S A BRILLIANT QUESTION! Therefore, here’s something for you to know about how IoT can impact one’s love story.

1. Smart Homes Will Dictate Stories 

Don’t Worry! Your privacy won’t be invaded in any manner!

We all are well familiar with the mechanisms of smart home and the popularity it is attracting due to the offered convenience. Dating apps integrating IoT will be able to churn out data about the user’s personality based on the information provided by the smart devices. 

What’s more? The personality insights will be given on the basis of the hygiene maintained by the user, eating habits, entertainment preferences, and more. 

2. Enable Connection with an Alike Individual

Two individuals form an incredible connection only when their interests or personalities match. As IoT collects information about a user, these dating apps give out suggestions about people with similar traits. 

For instance, wearable tech generates information like mood, location, exercise patterns, and more. Therefore, an algorithm works on the data to extract profiles that are best likely to be compatible. 

Isn’t it awesome that users no longer have to be worried about finding an unsuitable match?

Build an Ideal Dating App Like TINDER: Here’s How

No matter someone has used it or not, no individual is not familiar with the Tinder app. 

Do you know why?

Because of the seamless experience it offers! Notably, more than 25% of users tend to delete the app if it is boring. Therefore, it is an important factor that app developers must work on while developing a dating app. 

If you’re willing to create one and want to outshine in the market, here are a few things you must do:

1. Market Research 

Just an idea won’t take you anywhere! Thus, you must conduct market research before planning your business model. Determine the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and use the information to your advantage by building some solid strategies. 

If this is your first time, professionals have always got your back; therefore, reach out to some of the best app development companies for more insights. 

2. Monetization Model 

Have you decided how you would earn money via your dating app? 

Evidently, you won’t invest and develop an app to give it out for free to the users. Therefore, you must adopt one of the three monetization models: Premium, Subscription-based, and In-app purchase. 

3. Tech Stack

REMEMBER, users can make or break your business! Therefore, offer modern technologies and trends to the users that would incline them the most. 

Additionally, the same goes for the features as well!

4. Testing 

Testing is a crucial stage before releasing your app. Once the app development process completes, carry out thorough testing to make sure it has no bugs. Any faults found in your app might lead to uninstallation by the users. 

IoT and Dating Apps: A Beautiful Tale 

Have you now understood the importance of technologies like IoT in the functioning of a dating app? 

If that’s a yes, now is your time to develop an exceptional application and harvest its advantages. So, connect with the professionals and turn your vision into REALITY! 

Happy innovation!


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