How To Increase Amazon Product Relevance

Amazon Product Relevance

Amazon was responsible for 44% of U.S. eCommerce sales. Amazon offers a unique opportunity for your business to reach high-quality leads and convert them. A high product rank on Amazon can help increase sales as more customers search the site for your products.

Increase the relevance of your listing by increasing the potential matches between customers’ search terms and the keywords on your listing.

Product Titles

No titles can exceed 200 characters. Yes, characters and not words. To make your titles as descriptive as possible and as keyword-rich as possible, you need to wordsmith them. These guidelines will help you create great titles.


  • Add your brand name
  • Mention the color and size
  • Discuss the materials used in the production of the product

Do Not

  • Avoid keyword stuffing
  • Use coherent titles
  • You can skip exclamation points.

Bullet Points

Make sure to use all five bullet points. This is because people tend to read the bullet points more than the description. Each point should be used to explain the product. You should tell the customer why your product is so special. It is easy to use, safe, and multi-purpose.

To make your keywords stand out, use uppercase letters. This will make it easier to read your detail pages.

You have more characters available in your key product features so you can include long-tail keywords to describe your product. You can research potential keywords that people might use to search for your product.

Avoid keyword stuffing and false claims about your product.

Amazon Product Description

Amazon’s special offers and suggestions often hide product descriptions. The product description will be displayed first on mobile so make sure you don’t forget it. Optimized descriptions can help you rank higher in Amazon SEO.

To create accurate product descriptions, you can use the amazon product description editor. Amazon Product Description Editor can be used to style product descriptions on Amazon Listing. Amazon sellers, both new and experienced, can use the Product Description Editor Tool to create professional product listings that are easy to read and compatible with Amazon allowed tags and formats.

Things to include:

  • Your brand name
  • Use long-tail keywords to describe the product
  • Which problem or task does your product solve?

Avoid these things:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Mentioning competing products

You can go into detail about your product’s functions in the product description. This is the place to tell your story, using keywords, about why your product is so great.

Amazon Photography

Good product photography is not something that shoppers notice. Bad product photography is something that shoppers will always notice. Although Amazon’s search algorithm doesn’t automatically “read” images in its searches, good photos can have a huge impact on whether someone buys from you.

Although it might seem that images are more important to humans, they can be indexed by A9 (sort of). Image titles and alt tags should include clear, descriptive keywords to enhance your Amazon SEO.

These image fields must be filled in. This is a great Amazon SEO advantage as many of your competitors won’t take the time to properly tag images.

The main product image should have a white background. It must only show the product. You can zoom in by ensuring that the product fills at least 85% of the space.

You can use all the photo slots available. Amazon offers eight photo slots, but you’ll often see that not all sellers use them. More photos mean more options for shoppers to view, which in turn means that they will spend more time looking at your detail pages. 

Spend the money to hire a professional photographer or take the time to create high-quality images. You will reap the benefits of your photos through increased sales and sessions.

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