How To Get Rid Of Similar Photos

Get Rid Of Similar Photos

You often find yourself struggling through all the duplicate and similar photos that are stored up in your disk space. It not only makes it unorganized but also takes up a huge amount of space in your disk. If your system starts slowing down, the first thing you need to do is delete all the similar photos lying on your device. and Get Rid Of Similar Photos

You need to get rid of that junk before it takes all over your disk space. In this write-up, we will be discussing the most effective ways to get rid of similar and duplicate photos. 

How to avoid similar and duplicate photos in your disk space?

Sometimes, the whole process of cleaning similar and duplicate photos out of your disk space gets tedious.  To avoid that, you can always choose to reduce the frequency of similar photos from your PC. Keep the tips mentioned below in your mind to avoid similar photos in the first place. Get Rid Of Similar Photos

  • To keep your photos organized you should consider categorizing your pictures into separate folders. Folders are an amazing and convenient way to organize all of your pictures so that you can find them easily. If you happen to transfer files again, the folder will notify you that the file or photo already exists. This will help you to avoid similar photos in your folder. Get Rid Of Similar Photos
  • Transferring and sharing your pictures can create duplicates and lead to a series of them with every share. Keep a safe track of the photos you are sharing and try to remove the duplicates after you finish sharing them. 
  • To find the invisible duplicates in your folders, try to look for the images which have a number in brackets in the name. Such as ‘ img_200.jpg and img_200(1).jpg, this is the indication that one of these is a duplicate. Remove the copy of the image permanently. 
  • Using the cloud storage option can be a great option if you are running out of space in your disk space. It provides you with enough space virtually that can store millions of photos all in one place. It can easily detect duplicate pictures and clean them right away with just a single click. But you should not rely on the cloud storage complete, try to store your pictures on different virtual or external drives.
  • Last but not the least, consider installing PC software that keeps a track of all the duplicate and similar photos and removes them. It is one of the best and easiest ways to get rid of the problem of similar and duplicate photos piling up in your disk. 

Ways to remove similar photos from your PC

You don’t have to spend a lot of time removing all the duplicate or similar photos lying and wasting your disk space. Let’s jump onto the ways you can try and remove all the similar photos from your disk. 

1. Windows Photo app

The Windows photo application is an inbuilt program for versions of Windows. Even though this program is used only to view photos but you can also use it to sort them out. It also offers some of the best basic editing features. Moreover, you can also categorize and sort out duplicate and similar photos just by following these steps below:

  •  Go to the Microsoft Photos app and go down scrolling through all of the photos. 
  • You can open a specific folder and then view the images as well.
  • Now if you come across any similar or duplicate picture which is completely useless for you, right-click on it and hit ‘delete’. You can also choose to delete it permanently. 
  • You might also find multiple similar photos within the same folder, to make the process easier, press “CTRL” and remove them accordingly. Get Rid Of Similar Photos

2. Windows File Manager 

This yet another easier way to remove similar and duplicate photos from your disk space. Just head over to the photo gallery of your PC which you wish to clean and follow the steps mentioned below for you:

  • Right-click on the folder and click on the ‘Sort by’ option. 
  • Now choose ‘Name’.

This will help you to remove duplicate and similar photos from the disk and will make enough space for the relevant pictures. Get Rid Of Similar Photos

3. Use a third-party program

You can easily choose to use a program that can help you remove similar and duplicate pictures. A third-party application can help you clean the duplicates because they can easily get the job done in less time and more efficiently. A duplicate and similar photo cleaner have better and advanced features that can overcome any in-built similar or duplicate photos out of your disk space. 

We are hoping you enjoyed this post throughout and it is helpful for you to get rid of the similar photos piling in your disk space. Try to follow the tips and tweaks mentioned above to avoid and get rid of similar and duplicate photos from your Windows PC.


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