How To Choose The Right Polished Concrete Floor Service?

Right Polished Concrete Floor Service

Do you want to renovate the floors of your house, office, or garage?  

If yes, then why not choose polished concrete floors as they are inexpensive and easy to maintain at the same time. 

Concrete floorings can be a great option as it offers better strength and can cost you low than other floorings. This concrete offers different colors and designs. That’s why they are a reliable option for office floors or garage floors. It has the durability of undergoing high pressure due to heavy vehicle movements.

After deciding on getting polished concrete in Melbourne, it might be difficult to choose a company that offers you the best services. In today’s blog, we will tell you how to choose the right polished concrete floor service. 

Things you should consider while choosing a polished concrete floor service

Getting a polished concrete floor service is a lifetime investment that every person wants to have the best results for a long go. So, while getting yourself a polished concrete floor service, keep the following factors in your mind. 

1 Companies Experience:

The well-established companies hold years of experience. These companies are also financially stable. Always go for experienced companies as an inexperienced company may differ in the quality of their work. 

2 The Reputation of the Company:

Check the company’s reputation as companies with years of experience has a negative reputation. They might be offering poor services or jobs to their customers. The floors they place do not last long, and they might not fix them again. So, You must check for the reputation of the company.

3 Ask Around:

To get the suitable polished concrete in Melbourne near you, ask for a recommendation. Ask around the people who have hired these companies about their experiences with them. People always tell honest reviews or experiences. By doing so, you will be able to avoid the companies that offer poor services. 

4 Ask for Customer References:

When you decide to visit a company, you can ask them for customer feedback. The company that serves its customers with the best services can never make excuses to show you customer references. They will provide you the recommendations that their customers are happy and satisfied.

Tips to choose the best-polished concrete flooring?

If you think that concrete flooring comes with only dull-grey surfaces, then you are probably wrong. Concrete flooring is versatile that comes in different colors and coatings. Here are some tips through which you can choose the right polished concrete flooring for you:

1 Stone color:

Polished Concrete floors offer several colors. You can pick the color of your stone accordingly that you need. You can get this color with a mixture of sand and concrete. Some of the well-known additions of concrete floorings are bluestone, marble, quartz, and crushed granite. This polished concrete can provide a refined look and adds elegance to your surface.  

2 Size of the stone:

Select the stone size and tell about your requirement that how large or small rock size you needed. The usual size of concrete comes in between 7mm and 14mm. You can go particularly with one of the sizes or can choose by combining both sizes for more variety.

3 Exposure of stone:

Next, pick the stone exposure that you need. The stone exposure will depend on the grinds of the concrete surface. Stone exposure appearance comes under three categories that are nil exposure, minimal exposure, full-stone exposure.

  • Nil exposure finish:

To get the nil exposure finish, you only need to grind the surface lightly. It results in a little above the surface, and stones are not visible on the surface of the concrete. This finish is hard to achieve as the surface should be smooth that requires experts.

  • Minimal exposure finish:

The minimal exposure can get by applying a light grind to the surface to reveal some stones. It gives an uneven quality, and people also call it salt and pepper exposure. This is because, at few points, there’s a heavy exposure or has no exposure. It is one of the cost-effective methods if you are looking to get an industrial look.

  • Full exposure:

To get the full exposure, you will need heavy grinding below the surface. The stones are visible on the surface with this finishing. Exposure is well-known among people as it is suitable for messy kids. It needs heavier grinding and is also the right choice for garage floors. 

4 Gloss Level Finish:

The gloss level defines how much shiny floor you will need. Once grinding the concrete, the floor gets polished with various levels of diamond gravel to get the required gloss or shine. The different level of gloss level are as follow:

  • Matte gloss:

Matte gives an industrial or pleasant look to your surface that can be a fine choice for your house. It’s natural to look and does not get dirty with small dust or blemishes on the surface. 

  • Semi-gloss:

Semi-gloss comes with a lustrous shine that is more manageable to clean. Few particles can be noticeable, but semi-gloss floors provide good light reflectivity and shine.

  • High gloss:

The high-gloss finish provides your floor with the finest look. However, it requires more maintenance than the other gloss-level options. Regular cleaning is necessary to make them look great.


While choosing the right polished concrete flooring always ensures that the service providers are genuine. Another factor is pricing to consider, but it depends on the quality and type of concrete you choose. The factors mentioned above may help you in picking up the best services for polished concrete in Melbourne


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