How Solar Panels Efficiency Can Be improved?

Solar Panels Efficiency

Solar panels are widely used across the globe almost in every small and big business because of their generous benefits. The majority of the industries have started investing in solar panel installation because of the increasing solar craze and its efficiency. Increasing usage of solar panels has also reduced the good amount of carbon print and switched the business towards a sustainable way.

Every business has unique usage of the solar panels like some businesses may completely rely on solar panel and some may be using solar energy for minor usage. So, it may be possible for some business solar panels might not be that much efficient. But the solar panel efficiency can be improved by putting in some basic efforts. There are many Top solar panels Brisbane companies that offer different types of solar panels with many variations; you can try the one that matches your business requirement.

1) Buy more than one solar panel models

Solar technology has upgraded to many extents from the past years with the addition of different features. You can try buying different models of solar panels with unique functionalities to check which one works best for you.

2) Prefer buying the solar panel with high photovoltaic cells

The solar panel performance depends upon the concentration of photovoltaic cells. The higher concentrated CPV cells are likely to be more efficient as compared to low concentrated. Higher concentrated cells are proven to offer 46% more efficiency and the investment is totally worth it.

3) Avoid solar panel installation in the shaded areas

Spend enough time in planning and installation of solar panels because shaded areas affect the performance of electricity generated by the solar panels.  It might degrade the output from solar panels.

4) Always hire an experienced technician for solar panel installation

Solar panels are supposed to be installed with perfect angles and orientations that can be only done by an experienced person. Because if the solar panel is not installed properly, it affects the amount of electricity generated.

5) Keep track of solar panel performance using good energy management software.

The majority of businesses don’t give importance to monitoring solar panel performance. But over time, it needs to checked and maintained if any issue occurs. Regular tracking of solar panels enables you to maintain good performance and find out the fault earlier if any.

6) Get your solar panels clean regularly

Solar panels are easy to clean and maintain as it doesn’t have any moving parts on it. So it can be easily clean by regular dusting to get rid of dirt accumulated on the surface.

Hope you found this blog informative and know the importance of solar panel efficiency. Solar panel installation can save you millions in your business and energy bills but if installed and maintained in the right manner. It can degrade the industry performance if it is not properly installed or monitored from time to time. Keep the above tips in mind to maintain Solar Power Brisbane efficiency and better performance. Better the solar panels are maintained, better the performance level, ultimately it will help you save enough money while reducing the carbon prints on the planet.

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