How Does Micro-Needling Works With PRP in Los Angeles

Micro-Needling Works

While Microneedling is an excellent treatment that helps heal your skin and gives a youthful look, PRP therapy equally does that. But as per Microneedling Los Angeles experts, their patients get a more effective outcome when they combine these two treatments. It’s a vital foundation that provides maximum absorption, quick healing, and optimal results. 

How do These Two Work?

Generally, Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that uses a pricking method that causes tiny wounds. And this causes the body to produce more collagen and elastin responsible for healing the skin and enhancing your appearance. That’s why sometimes it’s referred to as collagen induction therapy.

On the other side, PRP therapy involves using a person’s blood component known as platelets. The doctor injects into his patient to accelerate the healing of muscles and joints to improve their aesthetic look.  

So, Microneedling and PRP therapy work towards achieving the same goals. Microneedling can treat several skin conditions, from hyperpigmentation, scars, wrinkles, or fine lines caused by aging. And incorporating PRP treatment can help to boost all these effects and give your desired outcome. 

What to Expect from this Treatment?

First, you’ll make an appointment with your caregiver or Microneedling Los Angeles experts. Then you two will discuss your aesthetic goals and your medical history. After the doctor evaluates you, he can tell you if you’re fit for this treatment or not.  At this point, it’s also crucial for you to ask questions and the approximate cost of the treatment. 

An individual may not qualify if:

  • pregnant
  • have active acne
  • have eczema or rosacea
  • used Accutane recently
  • have recently had other skin therapies such as skin radiation
  • have been having a poor wound healing

After your doctor clears you to be an ideal candidate for this treatment, he will start by cleansing your skin. Then, he may apply a topical anesthetic to prevent any discomfort during treatment. 

Now, here we have two procedures which have two steps. Microneedling will start immediately and might take about 30 minutes. Since there are two types of using this, Microneedling Los Angeles aestheticians might use derma rollers or a more advanced needling method.

Then in the next step, it’s where preparation of PRP happens. The nurse will draw some amount of your blood, mainly from your arm. Then put it in a centrifuge and spin it to get the required component.

As Microneedling causes some tiny micro punctures in the skin, this is where PRP solution comes in. And this allows penetration of the PRP treatment, incorporated with Microneedling.

Possible Side Effects After the Treatment

After the procedure, you may feel some irritation or get redness, which is not a big deal. Some of the other symptoms include swelling, bruises, or inflammation. But your caregiver may apply a serum to soothe these. These should clear in four to six days. And if you wish, you may also put on makeup to conceal any of these temporary side effects.

But after Microneedling Los Angeles treatment, you can go home if you have no other severe side effects. While it’s safe to go home alone, it would be great if you had company to ease the uncertainty. 

Your healing might quickly respond if you can avoid sun exposure, heat, or harsh skin treatments. It’s also crucial to refrain from rubbing or picking at your face and use sun protection on your face before stepping out.

Any Serious Complications?

Since PRP therapy contains the patient’s blood, there’s less chance of cross-contamination or infection. Though it’s rare if it happens or you get scarring, report to your doctor. 

That’s why it’s essential to share with your doc if you have any history of cold sores or herpes simplex. 

Is this an Effective Treatment?

Unfortunately, there is no conclusive research showing effectiveness in this facial rejuvenation. But if there’s any, adding PRP to Microneedling has a minimal downside. And the medical team and scientists need more studies to conclude the effect of these two therapies. That might also require several treatments to see the desired results.

The Following Practice Might be Helpful.  

After your course of Microneedling Los Angeles treatment, you need to follow up with your doctor for maintenance. But this may depend on the indication for your therapy.

Since the physicians space out this therapy, ensure to attend each one of them. If you have plans to travel, you should discuss this with your doctor. The spacing might be a few weeks apart. Also, follow your doctor’s instructions for optimal results.

If you develop any unusual adverse reactions, you should inform your doctor or health provider immediately. That could be spotting any signs of an infection, excessive bleeding, or swelling that lasts longer.

What’s the Cost of Microneedling with PRP?

We can only use an estimated cost since the actual price depends on your health provider’s location and aesthetic goals. But on average, this is around $750 per session.  

The higher cost reflects the main cost of Microneedling, even with the addition of PRP health treatment. Generally, each face session of a typical Microneedling costs around $300. 

If you consider other types of Microneedling, in most cases, you’ll need several sessions to get your desired look. For instance, most people need between 3-6 sessions. So, you can see how much this can amount to if you do the math.

The Downside of this Treatment

Although this is a more effective therapy than other cosmetic procedures, it’s also one of the most expensive treatments.

Sometimes your doctor might request you to have a maintenance session. And this can be costly, amounting to the initial treatment cost. 

Microneedling Los Angeles treatment with PRP works best on the face, although they might also work on other body areas. That’s why you must have heard the term vampire treatment. It’s such a popular combined treatment involving Microneedling with PRP, used topically after the treatment. According to these specialists from LA, they said most of their patients go for this treatment.
In Conclusion, that’s how Microneedling Los Angeles treatment incorporated with PRP (vampire therapy) work. It’s considered safe and effective. And it also helps to accelerate facial treatment. And you get to see your desired results quickly. 


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