How Does Hair Extension Affect Our Hair loss?

How Does Hair Extension Affect Our Hair loss?

Does Hair Extension Affect Our Hair loss

Hair loss is prevalent, and it may occur for several various reasons, from genes to stress. We mostly get questions about extensions and hair loss. This is because there is a lot of confusion around the natural effect your habits with style selection have on your hair. In these articles, you will get to know some results of how extensions cause hair loss? As well as more information for dying hair, particular styles, anything else.

Hair Extensions Are So Popular!

Hair extensions are best that can be added to your pre-existing hair for them to have an extra length with thickness to your natural hair. Hair extensions hair loss can be purchased in various colors and can also be dyed to resemble your hair, and they can be made from either natural or synthetic hair.

Hair extensions are found in various types, and they can be added to the hair in several different methods such as clipped, weaved, glued, taped, and even micro looped. The various types of hair extensions with hair loss all have different relationships due to their design. Similarly, you can dress other hair extensions depending on the amount of time, and this also has a more effect on hair loss and hair health.

But Are Hair Extensions Safe?

As mentioned above, there are many different types of hair extensions, all of that are applied with various methods. Some are safer and may cause a more negligible effect on the hair than others. Below are some of the different types and the pros and cons of each.

Clip-in Hair Extensions and Hair Loss

One most popular hair extension processes are having the extensions clipped into the hair. Clipped hair extensions are semi-permanent, and the attachments are attached by clipping tiny sections of the fake hair to places of your natural hair.

Clip-in extensions are best as you can put them in then remove them as you wish. You can wear them for unique options in the semi-permanent show and then take them out simply after. Though, when you use the extensions daily, the clips and hair can become quite heavy and put a strain on the hair they’re clipped into. This shows that clip-in extensions with hair loss have a strong relationship, as they can make hair close to the head where the clips are to become thin, providing off the appearance of shedding.

Glue in Hair Extensions and Hair Loss

Glue in hair extensions is manageable sections of hair glued to the scalp, as close to the hairline as possible. These extensions are a permanent solution because they must be removed through a resolution to dissolve the glue.

 When the extensions are not placed in the right place, the glue can affect your natural hair, and during the removal process, some hair may get caught and pulled out. If the following glue in extensions and hair loss, the good thing to do is to get them professionally done. This will reduce some risks that ensure that any harmful chemicals are correctly handled.

Weaves and Hair Loss

Weaves are made by braiding the hair into cornrows via the parting, and then needle and thread extensions are attached. Weaves are durable. However, when they are applied too tight, they can put a significant strain on the scalp that, when repeated, may cause thinning with balding around the weave. Related to clip-in extensions, the overuse of finding a weave may cause traction alopecia.

Micro Loops and Hair Loss

Micro loops are prevalent types of hair extensions that can last for 6 to 9 months. Tiny strands of hair are looped near your natural hair then clipped. Micro loops that are adequately fixed are the most negligible impact on your hair. But, according to the number of strands you have, they can put a big deal of weight and strain on the hair and scalp. This shows that this kind of hair extension can result in hair loss.


When you’ve suffered from hair loss which you believe is because of wearing hair extensions, please feel free to visit the doctor around you and get the prevention. You will not even ask how do extension ruin your hair results in effects?


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