7 Home Renovation Ideas For Makeover Of Your House

Makeover Of Your House

Everyone made big plans before we first move into our house. We all make some promises to ourselves to take care of the house. But what happened, after some time we got busy with our boring and chaotic routines and forget everything about maintaining and taking care of the house.

Do you want to celebrate in your old shaggy house or do you want to welcome New Year with refreshing vibes? Most of the time, it is the tight budget that stops us from renovating and improving our house interior. But don’t worry, I have shared some affordable and creative home renovation projects.so, you enter new year with nothing other than just good vibes.

1. Start from the exterior, front fixture & entrance

One of the important changes that you can make in your house is revamped the old entrance and shaggy exterior. Boost a new life in your old front door with the help of one can of paint. Replace all the front fixtures or do a little makeover of old ones. Moreover, give a warm welcoming look to the entrance of your house with some little pots, flowers and decorating it with a wreath.

2. Replace old doorknobs and handles

Never ever ignore small details of your house. Sometimes, it is a tiny chance that can influence the whole look of the entire interior. One of the easiest changes that you can do is replaced by all old doorknobs and handles.

3. Revamp your old cabinets

Installing a new cabinetry set is not only time-consuming but also requires a free-hand budget. And 2020 is not the year to give free-hand to your finance. Instead of installing a new cabinetry set, it is recommended to make-up with your old cabinets by painting a few strokes and changing their old glass sheets.

4. Add a skylight

It is the time to think out of the box and do something new. Windows are not the only source to bring natural light to the house and floor-length windows are not only a single option. You can add a skylight in your living room and enjoy perfect starry light with your partner or friends.

5. Change the position of furniture

What else you can do in your house without spending a single penny? if your old furniture is in good condition then instead of purchasing new show your creativity with your old furniture. Change the position of your furniture such as if you have a pretty spacious bedroom then try placing the bed in a different position rather than placing it with the wall.

6. Focus on the hygiene

What is the best thing that you can do for maintaining the hygiene of your house? Roaches and insects are really hazardous for health and spread many diseases. Try using the pest control services and cockroach killer products to target prevailing species of pests.

7. Swap items within your house

Make your house a market where you can swap furniture of your one room from another. For example, if you don’t need a coffee table in your bedroom then try adjusting it in another room such as in the living room.


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