Explore China’s rich cultural heritage Through Curated Trips

China Culture Journey
China Culture Journey

The Chinese civilization is one of the oldest in the world and has fascinated travelers and scholars for centuries. Going on a cultural trip to China can be an eye-opening experience for you when you want to learn about the culture of this magnificent country. A China Culture Journey will allow you to interact with the ethnic communities of the country and also learn about its history and evolution. These cultural tours across China will help you to participate in the local festivities and learn about the day-to-day lifestyle of Chinese people.  

Going on a cultural trip across China can be very exciting, but you need to have proper logistical support for that. If you are looking to explore the culture of Chinese people and have an unforgettable adventure in the process, you must consult with a travel and tourism company that can offer you custom tour plans. This will help you to learn about China’s rich cultural heritage at your own pace.

Let’s have a look at some of the places that you can visit when you want to go for a cultural trip across China.


The fabled Shangri-La may be something that the world first came to know through James Hilton’s novel The Lost Horizon, but it now refers to the part of China originally known as Zhongdian City. Currently, Shangri-La is a part that stretches across Sichuan, Yunnan, and Tibet. While taking a trip across Shangri-La, you can visit the Hengduan Mountain Range which is known for its rich biodiversity. As you explore this unique part of China, you will come across the Corridor of Ethnic minorities. Here, you can interact with many Chinese ethnic minorities and see some incredible architectural marvels and costumes. Other locations that you can explore during your trip to Shangri-La include Labaha Nature Reserve, Daofu, Luhuo, Xinlong, and Daocheng.


The snowcapped mountains and local villages of Kham are any traveler’s paradise. You should include these marvels in your itinerary if you are looking to have an immersive experience while exploring Chinese culture. The natural backdrops together with the striking colors of the region make for some great picture-perfect moments. The Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) is home to the Tibetans and this area consists of 3 distinct sub-regions, namely Kham, Amdo, and Ü-Tsang. There are more than 14 ethnic groups in Kham that are linguistically and culturally distinct from one another. These ethnic groups differ in their beliefs and traditions, and you can learn about them while you visit Kham.

Litang Horse Racing Festival

The Litang Horse Racing Festival is a major horse racing festival held at the end of July. For more than 400 years, this horse racing festival has been an integral part of the local culture. It symbolizes the holy circumnavigations or Kora that were used for worshipping the holy mountains.

Local communities

celebrate harvesting through this horse racing festival when the whole region gets covered with blooming flowers and grass.


As you explore the local culture in China, the rich diversity in the beliefs and customs of the local people will surely amaze you. To make sure that you have the best time while you explore China’s cultural heritage, you should consult Absolute Panda as the company can arrange a curated trip for you.


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