Eco-friendly Diwali Gifts to Send To Your Family, Friends And Loved Ones

Eco-friendly Diwali Gifts

Happy Diwali, ethnic household presents, air-purifying plants, beauty and health hampers, here are some ideas for Diwali gifts for your family, friends, and loved ones. Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is one of the most adored, cherished, and anticipated festivals in India throughout the year. The festival of lights is widely celebrated throughout the country and areas of South-East Asia. It is an ancient Hindu celebration commemorating the homecoming of Lord Rama to Ayodhya with his queen Sita, brother Lakshmana, and Hanuman after conquering the demon king Ravana. Diwali is traditionally celebrated in October or November. Deepavali marks the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. 

People in India decorate their homes with clay lamps or diyas, coloured rangolis, or, more lately, flowers, torans, lights, and a few crackers. Diyas are lighted to welcome the goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi, into our homes. Goddess Kali is revered throughout Bengal and some regions of North India. While traditional dried fruit or mithai boxes may be out of date. You can Order Diwali gifts for Friends and make your festival more special. 

Here are a few eco-friendly Diwali presents to give to your loved ones this year!!!

Plants for air purification: 

Most of us find it difficult to breathe freely in our cities, but this should not be the case when we are inside our houses. Purchase plants that purify the air, such as Chrysanthemums, Peace Lily, Devil’s Ivy, Spider Plant, and others. They are both beautiful decorations to one’s living area and wonderful gifts for loved ones. 

Stationery including plantable seeds, as well as solar power banks: 

It is one of the most popular corporate gifting options and a valuable gift when planning for and working toward a sustainable future. Use and repurpose the goods you buy to live mindfully in the present while also ensuring a future for future generations. 

Food baskets: 

Replace traditional mithais or chocolates with healthier alternatives such as flax seeds, chia seeds, and others that can be munched on or added to breakfast cereal, or used in place of eggs in a cake, bakery product, or smoothie. If they like coffee or tea, try adding chamomile for stress reduction, matcha for detox and weight-related problems, or green coffee, which has recently gained popularity for its weight loss advantages, similar to green tea. You may sample brands like Greenbrrew, Urban Spices, Lipton, and Tea Trunk via online. 

Ganpati and Lakshmi Ji idols, as well as silver coins: 

Any Diwali celebration would be incomplete without Laxmi Puja, which is a means to honour the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity for her generosity. Silver coins can be kept in clean boxes and used for pujas year after year. In the instance of multiple smaller coins, consider having them exchanged for a larger one of greater worth. 

Hampers for beauty and grooming: 

A beauty or grooming hamper that matches their hectic lifestyle is something that everyone will appreciate. Makeup and grooming are vital parts of women’s lives because it’s all about feeling good first and putting their best foot forward every day, whether at work and outside. Men, too, are making attempts to groom themselves these days. Products from organic or cruelty-free brands like Forest Essentials, The Body Shop, Khadi, and others are available separately or in hampers for gifting to loved ones. If you want to do a mix of things that you know they’ll like, including lipsticks and eye pencils in unusual colours. You may offer Online Diwali Gift Delivery and make your loved ones feel special. 

Diwali wishes for your pets: 

After all, pets are family members, so why exclude them from Diwali festivities? Visit a store in your area and take your pet on a tour of what may be their safe refuge. Purchase chewable dog toys, delectable food, and customised collars for Tails. If you are pressed for time, you might visit popular pet stores online via social media marketplaces or websites. Not only that, but you can treat your pet to a weekend of pleasure with their favourite ‘hoomans’ and their own kind, where there will be fancy dress competitions, dog fashion presentations, and much more. If you’re a dog enthusiast like me but don’t have a dog, it’s a terrific place to meet several lovely dogs and cats of various sizes.


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