17 Best Drugstore Products For Wedding Makeup

 Indian Wedding Makeup

Indian weddings are known for their makeup styles. No Indian wedding is complete without the perfect makeup. There are a number of drugstore products present in the market which deserves to be a part of your bridal trousseau. But, does every other product which gets launched in the market should be on your list? Well, definitely not. Every single minute, one beauty product gets launched in the market. So will you immediately buy that? There is a list of some of the best drugstore products for Indian wedding makeup, which will be discussed in this article.

Even during the wedding time, your stylist decides which drugstore products will you be buying and which are not. Still, you should have knowledge of which products will suit best on your skin. Make is not always for taking a perfect picture all the time; instead, it is something that can embrace your beauty more with minimal effort. If you are not married yet, then sooner or later your day will also come when you will be just a few steps away from being a married woman. So, if you are searching for the best makeup materials which you should buy for your D-Day, then here are some of the best drugstore products for Indian wedding makeup.

List of Best Drugstore Products for Indian Wedding Makeup

This section will cover the list of Best bridal accessories Indian wedding makeup. Let’s start with the list followed by their brief description.

  • Foundation
  • Primers
  • Powder
  • Concealer and Correctors
  •  Highlighter
  • Blush
  • Bronzer
  • Eye-shadow
  • Eyebrow Enhancers
  • Kajal and Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Lip Products
  • Setting Spray
  • Contact lenses
  • False Lashes
  • CC Cream
  • Nail Paint

Here is a brief description of each of these drugstore products that are essentially required in the Potli Clutch of the bride.

1. Foundation

Maybelline Fit can be considered as the unspoken king of foundations. Foundation is an essential part of any makeup product list in Indian weddings. Foundation is known for its clean matte look which figures out the beauty of the bride from inside. There are certain foundations which are launched by different brands, but Maybelline offers a varied variety of foundation for each and every Indian skin tone.

It matches perfectly with your skin tone to give you a smooth and perfect texture. There are almost nine shades in which foundation is available in India, and more are expected to hit the market soon. The main function of the foundation is to moisturize the skin from deep inside and also works best for every texture of skin be it acne-prone or sensitive skin.

2. Primers

Primers are one of the most important drugstore products on every Indian wedding list. With the help of primers, you can create a workable canvas on your skin and can design it as per your accordance. Primers are known for their hydrating effect. They moisturize skin from deep inside and give a healthy-glowing finish. They also help in boosting up the skin’s radiance. If you are going to put on heavy makeup, then the primer will also help in holding up that makeup for a longer duration of time.

3. Powders

There are various forms of powders available in the Indian market. It depends upon you whether you will go with a loose powder or with a pressed one. Both of them are used according to their features. Do you know the concept of baking? If yes, then you also know that loose powder works best for giving an even texture.

If you want to apply powder just for holding down your makeup, then you should go with a pressed one. Pressed powders settle your concealer and foundation accordingly. On the other hand, loose powder is known for its ability to set up your makeup. No doubt, the trend of using powder as a makeup tool is increasing day by day because of its smooth finish.

4. Concealer and Correctors

Well, here comes the best from all. Concealers are a must to have items for brides in their makeup list because of their extreme abilities. Correctors are used to aiding any deformity over the face like a pimple or a spot and a concealer is what can give you that perfect wedding look. They come in a varied range and the best part about this concealer is that they are long-lasting and very lightweight.

There is a free color corrector available with the concealer which can easily camouflage the darkness under the eyes or basically dark circles. This combination is best known for its abilities to reduce skin imperfections and help in giving one-tone brighter skin.

5. Highlighter

Well, the trend of highlighter is not going down this soon. There are certainly ups and downs in the trend of contour and highlighter, but they are still the most loved makeup tools for many Indian brides. The purpose of highlighter is to give the matte finish look to the face which can give you a perfectly sculpted look. The highlighter doesn’t look heavy on the face and it is the best product if you want to go with light makeup. 

6. Blush

Yes, Blush. Go red with this product. If you want an illuminating shimmer on your face, then who is stopping you to go with the blush? Achieve that redness on your face in just seconds. Nowadays, people are artificially putting that soft glam on their face to achieve an attractive shimmer on the face. This product never goes hard on the face and it just perfects to give you a glossy sheen look on your wedding day. There are a number of companies who are now launching their own brands of blush like Lakme absolute illuminating blush shimmer brick. It depends on your budget with which you want to go.

7. Bronzer

This is the first thing which you will find in the makeup kit of most of the women from the old days. But, this trend never goes to fade. Bronzer is known for giving a matte finish look to your skin and makes your face glamorous. Everybody craves that “sun-kissed” texture on their skin. This sun-kissed texture can be achieved with the help of Bronzer. This product will give you a nice tanner look throughout your wedding time. Bronzer does not steal your natural glow of the skin; instead, it will improve the texture of your face.

8. Eye-shadow

Eye-shadow is in trend for a long period of time. They have been in use from Mughal Empires. Their beauticians developed the first successful eye-shadow palette for brides. There were different combinations of colors in them and the most embracing palette was Rose Gold.

With the help of these eye-shadow palettes, you can achieve innumerable pull-off looks like smokey eyes, shiny eyes, bold eyes, subtle glitters, and many more. In eye-shadows, there are a number of pigmentations present that are responsible to give a classic blend of beauty with a bold look. Buying these eye-shadow palettes will never leave you in regret.

9. Eyebrow Enhancers

Perfect eyebrows are a must need for every girl. It needs art, focus, and skill to put up an eyebrow enhancer perfectly. You might need a stylist to put this perfectly on your eyes. Nowadays, companies are using eyebrow pencils to make this work easier.

There are different tones in which this eyebrow eyeliner comes. Talking about which suit best for Indian will skin tone; number 5 will be the perfect one. This eyebrow pencil gives a bold finish look to your eyes with a soft texture. Eyebrow Enhancers are known for giving a snatched look to the eyes when used perfectly.

10. Kajal and Eyeliner

Well, kajal always works in Indian weddings. It will never be going out of fashion soon in India for sure. They play a dominant role in Indian bridal makeup. There are certain brands that are working hard for improving the quality of kajal. The Maybelline stands at the first position as the company has come out with an intense color payoff and smudge-proof formula which can be used in Kajal. Both eyeliner and kajal can be perfectly used together to give a sweet and embracing look to the eyes. If you ever desire to get smokey eyes with a long-lasting effect, then kajal stands at the first position to complete your wish.

11. Mascara

How can we forget mascara on the list? Mascara is becoming more and more trendy day by day. Maybelline is the first brand that has managed to attract the stardom of mascaras. Mascara is mostly used to give a lengthening and volumizing effect to your eyelashes. This gives a smooth and soft finish which definitely increases your bridal beauty. Maybelline mascaras are known for their no clumping, no smudging, no flaking, and long-lasting effect. You can even use mascara if you have less hair in your eyelashes to volumize it.

12. Lip Products

Your lips are the most noticeable part of your face. If you want to go for a bold look on your D-Day, then buying dark natural nudes is the best option. These natural lip products come in various colors and forms. You can even use lipstick if you want to go budget-friendly. Lipsticks have the ability to add a nourished glow to our skin and face. There is a certain color that will perfectly match your skin tone and your outfit. Using them on your lips can definitely improve your overall look. Natural nudes are also good when it comes to a simple yet elegant look. Lip products are must-have drugstore products for Indian wedding makeup.

13. Setting Spray

You will need a setting spray for your whole makeup because it will help you to set your primers. Setting spray is known for their abilities to lock all the makeup on your skin and covers all the deformity if present. Setting spray gives a lasting effect on your whole makeup. If you can afford setting spray, then you should definitely buy it.

14. Contact lenses

Indian weddings are known for pre-wedding rituals. Would you like to look the same in all these pre-wedding rituals? No, you will never want to. So, here we have the best thing to change your look for your wedding day or D-day. You can use contact lenses in your eyes which will make you look gorgeous and a bit different at the same time. You can use different color contact lenses like blue is the perfect one.

15. False Lashes

You can make your eyelashes lengthy without rubbing mascara on them? Confused, don’t be, why be when we have false lashes present with us. False lashes help us artificially increase the length of eyelashes without anyone knowing. It gives you a bold and fuller look which is definitely needed for D-day. False eyelashes come in various sizes, so use them according to your needs.

16. CC Cream

CC cream is known for its matte finish look for small functions like Mehendi and Haldi. If you want to go out with light makeup, then there is no better option than CC Cream. It perfectly matches down on your skin and will look like a daily skincare cream. You can use Lakme CC cream for a perfect touch to your skin.

17. Nail Paints

Well, who can ignore nail paint? They are always on the list when it comes to the best drugstore product for Indian wedding makeup. You can have matching nail paints as per your outfit. There are certain textures that you can apply to your nails or you can take help from your stylist or from YouTube. So, here were some of the best drugstore products for Indian wedding makeup. Let us know the best from your side in the comment section below.


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