Do college students get a discount on American Airlines?

Do college students get a discount on American Airlines?

I remember when my child, as a student, wanted to go to California, but he didn’t want to spend too high on the airfares. And he said to me, Mom, I wanna save money to gift you on Mother’s Day. This gave tears to my eyes. Although I had no issues with him booking with the normal fares, he made his own choice of searching for lower fares. I didn’t even deny his plan and told him to move further so that he could be independent in taking decisions.

In his search, he found that American Airlines Student Discount is the best in offering low fares. Let’s go through various details on what is the requirement for students’ discounts and how to book them. 

What Do You Mean By American Airlines Student Discount?

You might be qualified for student discounts and deals from American Airlines on your travel. Passengers who are currently enrolled in school are eligible for special services and discounts through the AAdvantage membership program. When you purchase your flight, you must mention your school’s name and student ID in order to qualify for these discounts. Students at the colleges and universities on the list are eligible for 10–20% discounts from AA.

Do college students get a discount on American Airlines?

AA offers student discounts on some flights. In fact, it is one of the top 9 airlines for low-cost student travel. Students who have enrolled in a college or institution in the United States gain from the American Airlines College discount program. In order to gain this opportunity, students need to be in the age group of 12-25, and their university must be listed on the AA list of participating institutions. These passengers are given discounted access to more than 400 domestic destinations by the airline. You can contact American Airlines Español Teléfono if you have any queries related to the discounts in the Spanish language. 

How to Get the American Airlines Student Discount?

Students who book using student discounts can benefit from lower prices and extra incentives on every trip. Discounts are available on domestic flights inside the US as well as to Mexico, Canada, Europe, Asia, South America, and the South Pacific on American Airlines. Here are some key details regarding American Airlines’ student discount program that you should be aware of.

  • Students can use discount codes to get a specific flight discount.
  • Students who wish to earn a discount from the airline must show the appropriate authority a valid ID with the name of their institution.
  • Additionally, the discount is only available to students currently enrolled at one of the colleges or universities recognized on the airline student discount list.


With American Airlines student discounts, you may take advantage of the finest savings and student offers on flights inside the US and abroad. Go ahead!


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