Create Cozy And Comfortable Vibes In Your Home With Cottagecore

Create Cozy And Comfortable Vibes In Your Home With Cottagecore

Create Cozy And Comfortable

1. Cozy And Comfort

A new design trend with all the excitement that is taking over the internet right now. It’s classic mix of farmhouse, eclectic, traditional design and has a bit of granny chic elemnt. You can definitely see some overlap with the grandmillenial style too. Although the grand millennial style is a bit formal but the cottagecore is more towards a relaxed, eclectic and casual flair. You can consider it as a younger version of grandmillenial. The aesthetics include bold patterns and colours that often carry foliage and floral motifs. The key features of the style are including a mix of ornate and rustic elements along with saturated colours. It provides a very antique inspired look so to get this look you can hit up some antique stores and find some vintage furniture pieces. You can also find the right cottagecore furniture from Furniture Store in Cambridge.

Since cottagecore is all about providing a comfortable and cozy vibe so make sure that your furniture is high on comfort level and keep the classic farmhouse or cottage look aesthetics. A simple slipcovers sofa with the vintage look rug can set the right tone along with using a spindle leg table to give a bit of classic touch can provide the perfect farmhouse decor and cottage style. Also add a bit of refined look to the structure by including accessories like a chandelier hanging in the middle to provide a cohesive and centered look.

2. Bold Colours

Although the entire vibe of the cottagecore is relaxed but you can use bold colours on the walls and in the artwork along with in the upholstery as this will provide a different approach along with a visual interest to the entire look. So mix warm neutral tones along with traditional cottage inspired furniture to set the right tone.

3. Luxury Elements

Although the main focus is on comfort and simplicity but you can add a bit of luxury to the style as a little bit of luxe elements can really bring the entire look together. For example you can include a velvet accent chair in the living room that will create a good visual contrast with the simple sofa set. This particular design can really provide a unique and exclusive touch to the entire room. It is also a good way to include luxury elegant items in the space.

4. Natural Material

Use nature inspired natural materials to go back to the simpler times when designing the room with cottagecore style. The furniture will have little detailing with mostly traditional and natural materials. If you are choosing wood pieces then the tone will be completely natural with textured and natural finish. The wood grains will be the shining feature. If it’s a bedroom then you can use cane for decorations. Other natural materials like wicker and woven jute are also a good choice if you want to create a down-to-earth cottagecore feeling. Along with that include plants to bring nature and a pop of colour into the space. Not to forget the importance of plants as they can help in purifying the air.

5. Include Patterns

Play around with patterns in cottage core style by including florals and chintz in all its form. You can use large scale prints along with vintage inspired floral motifs to provide a modern twist. For example include chequered patterns and the modern abstract patterns in the bedding and your throw pillows and keep the style of your bedroom set as sleek and modern. This way you are combining two different styles to make one that stands out and looks amazing. It’s all about playing with bold colours and different patterns along with vintage furniture.


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