Colleges, Career and Scope of Digital Marketing Course Certification

Digital Marketing Course Certification

Digital marketing is a hot topic these days. It helps the business house to connect with potential customers, increase brand awareness and visibility on digital platforms through social media channels and ad campaigns. Digital marketing is a very broad field to explore that

You can target the audience for your brands and products. Digital marketing is the new medium of advertising services, brand visibility, and virtual marketing.

If you search on the browser, many platforms give you opportunities to learn Digital marketing skills virtually at your place. You can go on Udemy, Edureka, Google Digital Marketing courses, etc.

If anyone is interested to learn more about Digital Marketing, many business schools (Chandigarh university admission criteria, dbgi admission criteria) have launched courses in digital marketing. This field is not static; you need to keep refining yourself with the skillset, trends, and strategies to make yourself better and get the best results.

In India, the demand for digital marketing is increasing day by day. Traditional marketing has its own importance but digital marketing is the new trend. It is a more flexible and fast way to target the audience/ customer/ client on geographical location, for specific age groups.

Big brands are investing a lot to make their virtual presence. The first step is to do this by developing a website so people can know about their services/products/brands from their comfort place. Having a website is not enough, how it is performing and displaying in the web results is also important. If your customer is getting engaged with your website or not.

As more and more websites are developing, the advertising world evolving with digital techniques and trends, the need for digital marketers is increasing.

Be an expert in Digital Marketing Skills

Digital marketing is a set of different skills as Search Engine Optimization, Search engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising, PPC, Email Marketing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Content writing, Lead generation, etc.

In addition, a person should also be perfect in soft skills, communication skills, writing, creative writing, and designing images. 

Videos/ visuals also throw an impact on customers/ audience. People easily get attracted to the graphics and information. There are many social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, etc. where people post images, graphics, short reels, videos, and tutorials, promotional videos regarding products and services.

Digital Marketing Professional

A digital marketer is a professional who plans the strategies to increase the sales and visibility for different brands/ products advertisements, using different social media signals, profiles, link building methods, SEO & SEM strategies.

Every skill has its own importance. To be perfect in each of the above you have to spend the time. You can earn the certifications from different online platforms and universities/ colleges in India.

University/ Colleges for Digital Marketing In India

ICFAI Business School, IBS Hyderabad

Chandigarh university admission 2021

Institute of Management Technology, IMT Ghaziabad

Prestige Institute of Management & Research, Indore

Pioneer Institute of Professional Studies, Indore

GITAM Institute of Management, GIM Visakhapatnam

Jagran Lakecity Business School, Bhopal

DAV University, Jalandhar

LNCT University, Bhopal

Globsyn Business School, GBS Kolkata

SRM University, Amaravathi

Regional College of Management, RCM Bangalore

K. C. College Management of studies, Mumbai

ODM Business School, Bhubaneshwar

Hansraj College, New Delhi

The list is long, you can check the fees structure and course duration of bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Manipal icas course admissions click here

What to do to get a job in the digital marketing field?

Learn at least 2-3 digital marketing skills to set yourself as a digital marketing professional and earn a good designation in a reputed company. 

After acquiring the skills and knowledge in digital marketing, a person can start his career as an SEO executive, Social Media Graphic designer, Social media manager, Content writer, or can try for Google Ad Manager, Google analytics, etc. to monitor the performance of various ads and campaigns.

SEO Executive

The professional focuses on increasing and driving a high amount of traffic on the website to improve the rankings on the web search result page.

SMM Manager

The professional is responsible to plan, organize, run and monitor the performance of ads and campaigns over different social media platforms.

Advertising Manager

You can become an advertising manager in any digital marketing company and run campaigns, ads for different brands and clients.

Content Writer

The professional content writer is responsible for creating well-defined SEO and google based guidelines for various products and brands that can give them the best exposure through various strategies and platforms.

Email marketer, Audio-video content creator, image creator, search engine optimizer are some of the great things to start your career in the digital marketing field.

After working for 3-4 years and moving ahead with the latest technologies and digital marketing trends you may reach the senior level position and have a good amount of experience and salary in your hand.

After completing graduation, post-graduation in digital marketing a person can join an internship program to work on live projects. It will give you experience on how to work in this field. It will give a pace to your career. After acquiring needful skills, you may also start your career as a freelancer and grab single-handed projects.

BBA is a great career choice and your interest will keep encouraging you to do better in this field in a more advanced way.


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