Create A Quick Hair Bun For Sudden Appointments

Quick Hair Bun For Sudden Appointments

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A hair bun is a perfect solution to many problems. If you have a bad hair day, you can manage to attend emergency meetings if you know how to make a quick hair bun.

No matter how long or short your hair is, you can always make a hair bun with your skills. It also does not influence the volume of your hair. There are always a few types of hair bun you can create in your hair. A messy hair bun,  regular hair bun, a ballerina hair bun & a braided hair bun are some of the few popular buns among fashionistas.

Here, we have guided you through tips & tricks of creating a braided hair bun in no time. For a long, busy day, it will keep your look intact, and also protect your hair from pollution.

Let’s start practicing your braided hair bun for your next outing.

Step-1: Prepare your hair

Giving your hair a good brush is mandatory before doing any hairstyle. But there are some tips & tricks for brushing your hair, according to your preferred hairstyle. First, gently brush your hair. Make sure that there are no tangles or knots remaining in your hair. For a good & healthy-looking braided hair bun, your hair has to be free from frizzies. For that, you can apply some mist to your hair while combing. You can comb your hair in parts. But after brushing it totally, you need to pull your hair together as if it were a ponytail. After that, give another round of brush to it. Thus, there will be no frizzes or knots left in your hair. Now, let’s move onto the next step.

Step-2: Make a ponytail

Generally, you can place a braided hair bun in any section of your hair. But, where you want to have your hair bun, you need to make a ponytail there. If you have already decided where you want to make your bun, then pull back all your hair in that area. For managing a pro hairstyle, use a brush to pull back your hair. Now use a hair tie to make your ponytail. If the hair tie is tight, the ponytail will not lose its shape. For a perfect hair bun, the ponytail has to be strong & tight to carry the bun’s weight. After making your ponytail, brush away the end section of your hair.

Step-3: Do your Braid

After making a sleek ponytail, it is time to do your braid. There are lots of braid types. You can choose from those according to your hair length & thickness. But even a regular braid will look good in a hair bun. This type of braid is easy to make & quick to fix. When you are super busy with your schedule, you can try this braid. Now let’s start doing the braid.

First, split your hair into equal parts from the base. We will make three parts. Now start by moving the right section on top of the center part. After that, put the left section on the center over the formerly right part. By repeating the process, you will soon get a normal braid.

After finishing the braid, the end of the ponytail needs to be locked. Otherwise, it will start opening up from the end. To fix the end, you can use an elastic thin hair tie. Thus, you can cover up its presence in hair. There is another way to fix it in the hair bun by using bobby pins. In that case, you have to hold the end of the braid tightly until you finish the bun.

Step-4: Shape your hair bun

Now, you have decided what to do with the end of the ponytail. It is time to create your hair bun. For that, we will start working from the base of the braid.

Hold on to the end of the braid in one hand. Then start wrapping the braid around the base of the ponytail. Support the base of the ponytail with one hand & bring the compact look. After finishing the wrapping part, tuck the end inside the bun. In addition to that, don’t forget to secure the entire bun by using bobby pins. It will keep the shape of the hair bun longer and will not let the bun fall.

Step-5: Finish your look

No matter how hard you try to put your hair together. Only the final look will decide if it is worth the hard work or not. That’s why finishing up the style equally deserves care as the process itself. If you love a messy look, you can pull away some strands in between. Moreover, you can use hair accessories too. From real flowers for a spring day to some glittery broaches for a midnight party, there are various options available for you to choose from. Despite accessories or no accessories, what you should not miss is a hair spray. Coating a hair bun with a hairspray helps you to fight through long schedules without messing up your hairstyle. Also, don’t forget to comb the back of your hair bun gently before that. Thus, you are ready to step up your house & rock the world.


A good hair bun is your long-time bestie on a busy day. On any day, it can make you look for any occasion. That’s why we created this article to help you a bit. The world needs to see your glamour; we can keep the frizziness locked away. Keep your hair bun tight & firm with these tips. We wish you a rocking workday without damaging your hair.


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