5 Benefits Of DIY Virtual Events Platform

5 Benefits Of DIY Virtual Events Platform

Benefits Of DIY Virtual Events Platform Since the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event industry has experienced a shift in trends from traditional in-person events to virtual and hybrid events. The past year, 2020, witnessed a massive surge in popularity of virtual events both from attendees’ and organizers’ perspectives.

Virtual event platforms allowed the attendees to attend the event remotely without leaving the comfort of their own home, for the organisers the virtual event platforms provided a global wider reach. Though virtual platforms existed long before the pandemic, it was only after the pandemic that their true potential was realised, since then organisers have been leveraging technology to make their virtual events more and more engaging without compromising on the level of interaction provided by the traditional in-person events.

There are several benefits of DIY event platforms as they provide the organisers with full liberty to tailor-make their events from their own personnel perspective, however, today we will define the top 5 benefits of DIY virtual events platform to help you understand them better for your future events. Without further ado let us take a look at 5 benefits of DIY (Do-it-Yourself) Virtual Events Platform.

DIY Virtual Events Platform

DIY Virtual Event Platforms essentially provide the organiser complete liberty to totally customise the events depending upon the event format and type. Every element of the event can be customised by the organiser without any external assistance or help. Some of the elements that the organiser handles and customises are- banners, virtual booths, virtual lobbies, registration forms, templates, font color & type, and much more.

Keeping complete customisation in mind, let us take a look at 5 DIY Virtual Events Platform:

1. Liberty

Since all the aspects and elements of the event are under the hands of the organisers no external assistance or help is required. The organisers can customise the event as per the event requirements with ease and conclude the customisation which complements the event best as per personal perspective. The necessity to incorporate a third platform in a virtual event is also eliminated when working with a DIY Virtual Events Platform.

2. Independency

Interferences and unnecessary propositions from your service providers are eliminated when working with the DIY Virtual Events Platform. The organiser is in charge of every aspect and element of the event, which essentially means sole responsibility as well, however without any interruptions or disturbance which one may observe when hosting a virtual event.

3. A DIY Virtual Event Platform

Provides the organiser with ideal accessibility and flexibility. Based on the format and type of the event, the requirements can be met relatively easily. Almost an infinite range of options and creative ideas, depending upon the organiser, allows the event to be tailor-made. permissions, management, and creative aspects of the event are under the control of the organiser without any third-party guidance or interruptions. Essentially the organiser can let the creativity run its course and host a custom event.

4. Cost-Effective!

One of the main advantages of a DIY Virtual Events Platform is its cost-effectiveness. Though the organiser is introduced with added responsibilities and accessibilities, the overall cost of the event falls drastically. Since the organiser is handling and customising all the elements of the event any added assistance or guidance is not required which saves a tremendous amount of expenditure. The host only has to pay for the platform and that’s it! No added costs or minimal amounts to host the event.

5. Creativity and Personal Essence!

DIY essentially means that all the aspects of the event are supposed to be done by yourself! Thus implementing that your creativity will be reflected in your events, hence DIY Virtual Events Platforms promote creativity and out-of-the-box thinking which will shape your event. There are infinite possibilities and scope, several combinations to work with, all available at your disposal. Leverage all the tools and features and create an exquisite experience for your attendees with creativity, for which the sky’s the limit, and uniqueness.

Why and How are DIY Virtual Events Platforms successful?

The above-mentioned 5 advantages are the reason why DIY virtual events platforms are gaining popularity among the event industry and catching the organiser’s eyes. Some seek professional help while some prefer to let their creativity flow and take matters into their own hands, DIY virtual events platforms are perfect for event organisers as every event is different with a set motive, topic, and/or motivation. Thus it is significant to understand the aspect of the event and customise it accordingly, which can be done best by the organiser, that’s when DIY platforms step into the picture and offer the organisers what they wanted for their events, liberty, and complete customisation.

DIY Platforms offers customization on every aspect of the events such as Booth builder, Virtual lobbies, Fonts, Colors, Themes, Templates, Management, banners, and even games (gamification). All these factors when incorporated together with customised touch provides an out-of-the-box event defined by the organiser’s perspective.

Over to You

It is blatantly obvious that the event industry has experienced a shift in trends from traditional in-person events to virtual and hybrid events. A virtual platform allows the organisers to broadcast their event all around the world without compromising on the level of interactivity a traditional event provides by leveraging the latest technology. Every event desires creativity and personal customisation based on the type and format of the event, which can be best defined by the organiser. The above-mentioned articles define the top 5 benefits of DIY Virtual Events Platform and why they are so successful among the organisers and hosts.


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