Top 6 Reasons You Should Consider Lock Change

Consider Lock Change

Buying a new home gives you an unparalleled experience. You feel joyful at the thought of a new beginning, new neighbors, new opportunities that await you. You look forward to your stay in your new home with all the glee and excitement you can muster. However, amidst all the buzz, you are likely to forget about the safety and security of your family members. How? By not getting your locks changed.

When you purchase a house from the former owner, he hands over the keys along with other essentials. Keys become a symbol of ownership and possession. But do you wonder how many sets of the same keys or duplicates are with the owner or his family members? This is why you need to change the locks before your arrival. Instead of fretting over how to go about it, you can hire a professional locksmith to do the work effectively. However, shifting to a new house is one of the instances when you should consider lock change. Some other occasions on which you should consider it are listed as follows:

1. Burglary

Burglaries are so common these days.  If you have been the victims of break-in, you should hire a professional for changing your locks without any delay. If a burglar has come once, he may attempt to get in again now that he has figured out the way. To eliminate the possibility, get your lock changed.

2. Rental Property

Do you rent out your property for vacations? Do you have tenants residing in your flats or apartments? It’s common for tenants to move out as per their needs. Once they leave, do hire a locksmith to change your locks.

3. Stolen/Misplaced Keys

Keys are the most easily misplaced items. It’s there one moment, and the next moment it’s gone. Moreover, it’s not unusual to get your keys stolen when you are out shopping or you may accidently leave the keys in the lock. In such scenarios, a person with untoward intentions may attempt to enter your house. To prevent such a scary incident from occuring, get new locks.

4. Divorce

Going through a messy divorce? Has it spiraled down to a situation where you and your spouse, both want the house? If you do not take preemptive measures, your spouse may use the keys to his/her advantage. You may end up losing the property. So, consider changing locks to protect your interests.

5. Damage

If your locks get damaged, it becomes easy to gain access to the house uninvited. You become restless knowing that your safety and security can be compromised at any minute. Hence, do not wait for any misfortune to strike, get new locks installed instantly.

6. Business and Retail Space

Most of the business owners and retail space owners use the same lock for a decade or more until it becomes necessary to get it changed. However, they overlook the fact that within 10 years or more, a lot of people join and leave and the keys keep floating around. It becomes difficult to keep track. So, it’s advisable to get a different lock now and then to avoid any unfortunate incident.

Planning to get a lock changed is one thing, and hiring a professional locksmith to perform the task is quite another. If you’re planning to go ahead with it, schedule a call with us. We, at Locksmith 4 NYC, render lock change services to homeowners. We provide a range of designs and styles to choose from. From cabinet locks to the mailbox, we cover all. Our experienced professionals perform the tasks quickly and at affordable rates. So, whenever you need to hire a locksmith now, you know where to come.


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