Best Time To Visit Kareri Lake Trek

Kareri lake trek

Mountains are the asylum of nature darlings and individuals searching for a short getaway from the truth of solid bedlam. On the off chance that you are a pioneer who likes to travel, searching for places less known and less investigated then continue to peruse Kareri Lake Trek

Himachal Pradesh–the lower regions of Himalayas, exhibits a few wonderful astonishments from the abundance of nature like-streams, creeks, coniferous stretches, glacial mass took care of lakes and bountiful greenery venturing into the fields of north India. One of these astonishments hidden by not really trying to hide is the Kareri Lake trek which otherwise called Kumarwah Lake is a shallow freshwater lake arranged in the south of Dhauladhar range, around 9 kilometers northwest of Dharamshala, in the Kangra area of Himachal Pradesh. 

While places like the Baijnath sanctuary, Kangra Fort, Brajeshwari sanctuary, Dhauladhar range, The Indrahar pass journey and Mcleodganj draw a large number of visitors, but Kareri Lake, located at a height of 2934 meters above sea level, manages to carve a special place in the hearts of those who witness its unadulterated magnificence.

The lake is taken care of by icy masses of the Dhauladhar range and further streaming down structures the stream named ‘Nyund’.Kareri Lake is shallow and clear due to the liquefying snow that feeds it. The water is so clear that even the bed of the lake can be seen without glasses!

The unblemished lake is encircled by groups of thick conifers, brilliant perpetual blossoms and field extends which are as often as possible visited by the Gujjars and Gaddis and their steers who live in the close by towns. The lake freezes throughout the cold weather months beginning from November end up till April/May encompassing the territory in fog and a dreamlike air that catches the creative mind of nature aficionados. 

How to arrive? 

Beginning at 8 a.m., transportation from Dharamshala to Ghera town is available. The distance between the two locations is approximately 20 kilometers, which can be covered by a hired jeep or taxi as well. 

The journey begins from the market in Ghera town. The town has a traversable street stepping on which you will run over a scaffold and keep proceeding onward the course along the Khali River. Around 30 minutes into the trip you will pass Sari town and from here Kareri town is just 2 kilometers away. 

The path winds through dense rhododendron groves, providing the best access to Kareri town. Walking ahead, you’ll pass under a wooden scaffold that spans the Kareri stream; it’ll take another 30 minutes to reach the town from here. It takes only 10 minutes to get to the outdoor grounds and the visitor house in the woods.

There is a timberland visitor house accessible too for convenience yet it is fitting to talk with the backwoods officer office ahead of time in the event that you wish to book the visitor house. Home-stay in the Kareri town is additionally a decent choice for the travelers to consider. 

The path at the rear of the backwoods visitor house prompts a limited valley which will prompt another wooden extension. After a somewhat more extreme move of around 200 meters and intersection another scaffold, you will end up at an outdoors spot called ‘Harote’. From this spot, there will be another valley which will lead you to your objective Kareri Lake. 

Best an ideal opportunity to go 

Whenever around it is a fun chance to visit Kareri Lake and the close by attractions. It ought to be noted however that during November/December to May/April the lake stays frozen and additional alert is required when visiting the lake as the ice thickness can be eccentric and the surface elusive. 

Hardly any tips to recall 

Wear agreeable garments and appropriate shoes 

Convey your own water containers to remain hydrated 

Convey mosquito repellent, barely any bites and a little medical aid unit for crises 

Try not to litter while journeying 

Other suggested journey 

Some different trips close to McLeodganj that guarantee a quieting break from the repetitive beat of life and stunning perspectives are-Triund Trek, which is an exceptionally little and humble journey, the Guna Devi Temple journey, Bhagsu trip, and Indrehar Pass journey. 

So open your schedules get together your traveling shoes and begin investigating!


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