Top 5 AI – Powered Tools for Automation Testing

5 AI - Powered Tools

AI-powered tools for Automation Testing are going to be the most popular theme in the field of automation testing. It will remain the top-most theme because the enterprise applications are getting complex & the automation suite contains 1000s of the scripts.

The AI-powered tools for Automation Testing are much better than the selenium, the traditional testing tool because it is easy to maintain. AI-powered tools for Automation Testing have built-in healing capabilities, so if we make changes in the application, it automatically generates the test scripts for those changes, which makes AI-powered tools more efficient to work.

 With you will get all AI-powered automation testing tools at lowest

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Maintaining the automation suite from time to time is not easy work, even a well-experienced automation testing engineer needs some extra time to add test scripts for newly added changes in the software. We can’t stop these changes as

these changes will continuously get added to the software as per the requirement. So, unless & until you don’t add any self-healing capabilities to your automation life cycle, the investment you are doing for testing will not be that promising for your product quality for a long period.

In this article, we are going to put the top 5 AI-powered tools for Automation testing. Though there is a lot of competition in the field of automation testing as enterprises are looking forward to adding & enabling AI in the automation life cycle, still these tools are best at their service.

So, let’s see these tools –

1. TestCraft –

It is an AI-powered tool for automation testing for visual regression testing which works continuously on the top of selenium. This tool is also helpful for monitoring web applications. Working with Artificial Intelligence in automation testing is helpful for maintaining testing time & cost and also automatically overcoming the changes in the app or software.

TestCraft is easier to use as by using it testers can visually create automated Selenium-based test cases using drag & drop interface & run can run them on multiple browsers at a time. They can run these test cases in multiple environments simultaneously without creating any code to work on it.

2. Applitools –

Applitools is an application for visual management. It is also AI-powered visual UI testing & monitoring software. It is an end-to-end software testing platform powered by visual AI testing which is helpful to professionals in engineering, test automation, manual QA, DevOps & Digital Transformation teams.

In Applitools, machine learning & AI algorithms are easily adaptive, which helps to scan the application’s screen & analyze it like the human eye & brain. It is totally done with the power of machines.

3. Functionize –

It is cloud-based automation testing that is used for functional testing, load testing & performance testing. It also uses Artificial Intelligence & machine learning to increase the speed of test case creation, diagnose them & maintain them.

It is very easy to use as you just have to write what you want to test in plain English & NLP creates functional test cases according to it.

It also runs more than a thousand test cases from desktop & mobile browsers within a minute. If you are looking for a more helpful & easy use AI-powered automation testing tool then think of Functionalize. It’s definitely worth trying.

4. Testim –

It is an automation functional testing tool that uses machine learning & artificial intelligence to speed up the authoring, maintaining & executing test cases. This tool runs on all types of browsers & platforms like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, Safari & Android.

Testim comes with 2 price plans as basic & pro. If you go for the basic plan you will get so much fewer features as it is free. So, it is recommended to go for the Pro plan as it offers everything that you need to conduct the testing.

5.Mabl –

This platform is helpful for both developers & testers to create & run automated functional UI tests faster & at scale. As it is used by both developers & testers, it is called a DevTestOps platform.

Some of the features include creating robust automated test cases which are codeless & scriptless, you can manage the testing infrastructure fully on the cloud, it also scales test cases infinitely & runs them in parallel.

It generates the auto-healing test cases which can be manageable if UI changes & this task is done without any interruption.

The above are the top 5 AI-powered tools for automation that help you generate test cases mostly without any code or script. These tools also have a self-healing property which is nothing but an automatic creation of new test cases if there are any changes done in the software & app.

Choosing one of them is a good decision to work on testing.


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