7 Best Tourist Places In Cozumel

Tourist Places In Cozumel

Tourist Places In Cozumel-Cozumel is one the largest islands in Mexico, which is around 20 km off the northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula. This island is also known as “Ah-cuzamil,” which means the “land of the swallows.” Travelers and believers of the God Sun visit this island for religious purposes. If you are the one who is looking to plan a trip to Cozumel with your family and friends to spend an amazing vacation, then you need to know about the seven best tourist places of Cozumel to explore.

Have you already started making your must-visit list of Cozumel but need some help to suggest some of the best places? Then this post will help you that includes the list of 7 best tourist places in Cozumel that you should visit:

  • Let’s start your trip with Dolphin Experiences

If you love exotic creatures and are fond of Dolphins, then you can witness the beautiful Dolphins floating in this island’s water. You can visit the Dolphinaris Cozumel and see these beautiful and intelligent creatures swing. If you have kids in your group, then they will indeed love this destination. The facility has restaurants, shops and changing rooms that can ease your excursion. Visitors all over the globe visit this facility to have an intimate experience with Dolphins. So, if you are interested in visiting Cozumel, you can book the flight ticket from Spirit airlines reservations and get the best deals and discounts. 

  • The lighthouse of Cozumel: Colerain

The globally famous lighthouse of Cozumel – Celarain is one of the prime destinations. Tourists across all over the world visit here to spend their vacation with their family and friends. This fantastic lighthouse was built in 1901 and is now restored as a museum. There are around 134 steps that can help you to get to the top of the lighthouse. You can indeed add this place to your must-visit list of Cozumel. This amazing museum lighthouse will provide you with incredible memories that you can’t forget lifelong, Itinerary Among The Best Attractions In New Mexico

  • Let’s explore Stingray Beach.

Do you love stingrays? If yes, then you can visit the Stingray Beach of Cozumel. This beach is one of the best places in the world where you can easily witness mysterious creatures. This fascinating place attracts millions and millions of tourists to visit Cozumel. Not only stingrays, but you can also witness more other exotic creatures that you cannot find in any other places. 

  • Enhance your adrenaline rush in the Discover Mexico Park of Cozumel

This amazing Discover Mexico Park of Cozumel is the newest addition to a tourist attraction. This amazing place is world popular for its cruise stoppage bay. Here you can witness the diverse culture of Mexico. Tourists across all over the world visit here and spend their rest time. You can also enjoy multimedia shows and much other traditional music, art and food. There is a 30-meter tall pole in which some individuals show you amazing activities by spinning and twirling around the pole with a rope. 

  • The beautiful Punta Sur Eco Beach Park

This gorgeous Punta Sur Eco Beach Park is considered the largest eco-park on Cozumel island. It is also excellent for swimming, deep scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and kayaking in the ocean. This amazing eco beach is situated in the southern part of Cozumel. 

  • Witness the historian relics of Cozumel

If you love history, then you will love the Mayan Heritage of Cozumel – San Gervasio. You can find and witness the glorious 30 sites of Mayan in Cozumel. Historians and explorers worldwide visit here to check out the forgotten parts of Mayan history. This place will be the best for your kids. They will love to explore this place in search of broken tales.

  • Scuba Diving at Palancar Reef

If you love scuba diving, then Palancar Reef is the best place in Cozumel. The transparent glittering water makes it more amazing to do scuba diving and snorkeling. One can also go fishing in this place with their squad. To get to this place, you need a flight and for that, Spirit airlines reservations service is here to help you with the affordable flight tickets for your family to Cozumel. 


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