6 Things To Know About Contactless Payment for Restaurants

Payment for Restaurants

Given the emergence of the global pandemic, businesses have started to think about how they can create a safe and proper environment for the customers. Keeping this in mind, restaurants are also looking for such ways. And the contactless payment is one of many options that restaurants are focusing on.

What is Contactless Payment?

With the evolution of credit and debit cards in the past few years, there are currently two types ofcontactless payments that are often preferred by businesses, tap and mobile payment. This is a form of cashless payment that doesn’t need any physical interaction. Now, there is no need of waiting and typing the pi. Carrying extra cash is not necessary anymore. There are many companies like Retail Control System that offer to set up contactless payments.

If you are planning to get contactless payment for your restaurant, you need to take a look at the following points to get a clear idea.

More People Prefer This Method

Investing in new technology might make you feel torn between choices. If you are dealing with a dilemma about whether you should go contactless or not, you need to know that majority of people are leaning towards contactless payments. From 2019 to 2020, in the US, contactless payment has increased by 150%. Approx 31 million Americans are now using contactless payment. In fact, studies show that consumers are avoiding engaging with businesses that don’t offer contactless payment.

This is Super Secure

This is a very secure option for the customers. While paying with tap or mobile, the customer doesn’t need to give their card to the billing person or type their pin or even sign the receipt. The contactless payment option uses cryptographic security and that is why it is a highly secure option. The card will only be needed to be placed just within two inches from the reader. So, as you can see, your customers will be more satisfied with the secure Visa contactless payment.

Speedy Transaction

One of the reasons customers become annoyed is if the transaction takes a lot of time. While public health concerns are looming large, more the time during the transaction, more disturbing it will be for the customers. And this is a big reason why you should go for contactless payments. With this, there is no waiting time for entering the pin or giving out the cash and tips. Everything you can do within a few seconds. So, as you can see, contactless payment is a game-changer for you.

More Spending and Business

A survey by Mastercard has shown that at restaurants, people are spending more 30% with contactless payments. Using this method is also a way of encouraging the impulse buying urges of the customers. So, as you can see, with tap and mobile, you will actually get more business than ever.

Easy for Implementation

While reading all about contactless payments, you must be wondering how to set up contactless payments. You might be amazed to know that implementing this type of payment is easier. You just need a payment processor that can be integrated with the POS system of your restaurant. The POS system you choose should be integrated with multiple payment processors. When you are choosing the provider of your POS system, they can help you with implementing contactless payment.

Good Option for the Post Pandemic World

With the emergence of the COVID virus, it is really difficult for you if your store doesn’t have contactless payment already. Studies show that 61% of consumers feel safe if the business they are engaging with has tap and mobile transaction.

So, if you own a restaurant, it is time that you make contactless payment a part of your business for better profit and more customer satisfaction.


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