5 Must-Have Pairs of Leather Shoes For Men

Leather Shoes For Men

Today, men’s fashion is the talk of the town. We can see the internet flooded with trendy looks for men, and this has made shopping for them a task. But come to think of it, it’s a good thing, right? Finally, even men are upgrading their closets!

Speaking of a wardrobe-uplift for men, even the best of outfits isn’t complete without a killer pair of shoes. Classy, stylish, and hip – the urban man need’s all those qualities in his footwear to pull off a great look. And it’s so easy to nail the fit by investing in quality shoes. 

But are you new to shoe-shopping for yourself? Or do you have an upcoming event where you want to make a unique style statement? Well, then what are we waiting for? Let’s talk about elegant and classy leather shoes that will add charm to any outfit you decide to wear.

5 pairs of Leather Shoes you should always have in your closet 

If you aren’t aware of the basics of leather shoes, upgrading your footwear closet can be a mission impossible for you! 

Choosing the right shoes is much more than just going with the trend. You need to know about the material, construction, features, color, and much more. But we get it, doing all this can be challenging if you’re someone trying to up your foot fashion for the first time. Luckily, you have us!

To help you with the mammoth task, we’ve compiled this post to make your shopping experience stress-free and fun. Allow us to introduce you to our favorite five pairs of handmade leather shoes you as an urban man must own. You can either add these to your existing collection or start your shoe collection by buying them. These pairs will arm you up well for all kinds of formal and informal events.

1.Classic Black Oxfords

These shoes are known for their comfort, quality, and durability. Often made of top-shelf calf leather, they come with a glassy flawless look. The closed lace shoes are perfect for every formal setting. Their Blake Stitch construction and low heel will help you easily identify them among many pairs of similar-looking shoes. If you’re looking for your first pair of leather shoes, Classic Black Oxfords must top the list. Their fine lining and perfect finish will help you create a lasting impression. 

2.Brown Brogue

Brogues, which originated in Scotland, have become go-to style pieces for men who like to dress smartly. You can identify them through the perforation on the toes. Brogues come in different colors and varieties, and having one pair of brown brogues is a must for every man’s closet. These contemporary men’s dress shoes are tough looking. You can choose for full, half, or quarter brogue shoes. Having these in your closet will help you to pull off semi-formal to casual looks easily. 

3.Suede Loafers

Loafers are the most comfortable and easy-to-wear leather shoes, and if they’re made of suede, even better! These loafers are made of corrective leather, but the way they’re crafted makes all the difference. The most popular men’s shoe brands offer entire collections of slip-on suede loafers, and that speaks volumes about their popularity. They’re extremely affordable and are available in a wide range of colors. Suede loafers will help you to get that comfortable and trendy look, but don’t expect too much durability from these shoes. 

4.Chelsea Boots

One just can’t ace the casual-smart look without a sturdy and stylish pair of boots. Rugged cowboy boots have always been the fashion statement for men to pull off a strong manly look. Chelsea Boots have become popular these days for their iconic design. These close-fitting ankle-high boots are made of premium leather which adds elegance and style. These boots can be teamed up with casuals, semi-formals, and formals.

5.Wholecut leather shoes

If you want to add the spark of smartness and sophistication to your look, you must get a pair of wholecut leather shoes. As the name suggests, wholecut oxford shoes are crafted from a single piece of leather, and naturally so, they require efficient craftsmanship and expertise to carve. The smooth surface, clean lines, and narrow cut of such shoes elevate the style of every stylish man. Typically, you won’t find these shoes in budgeted stores since they’re made of high-quality flawless pieces of leather. If you want to fork many events with a single pair of shoes, go for wholecut leather shoes.

Your basic leather shoe style guide

Before you jump in to splash your hard-earned money on leather shoes, you must have the basic styling knowledge and terminology know-how related to them. This will help you perfectly decide which kind of shoes will suit you best.

  • If you’re a simple guy looking for a classic kind-of style, without getting too confused, go for classic oxfords. You can wear them with suits, tuxedoes, and even business outfits. You will mostly find them in dark colors, which makes them a perfect fit for all formal events.
  • Aiming for the casual contemporary look? Go for brogues. These slightly less formal shoes are perfect for informal and casual events. Team them up with your casual outfits to give them a unique character.
  • If you need a pair of leather shoes that you can confidently and comfortably wear to office every day, consider slip-ons. You can wear such shoes for hours without getting tired, and they’re usually quite affordable.
  • Boots were traditionally designed for protection against harsh weather conditions, but today, they’ve translated into a style statement. Chukka boots, Chelsea boots, or lace up boots, you could pick any of those and team them up with casual jeans, smart jacket and a buttoned-down shirt to make heads turn.

Let’s sum it up

Leather shoes are an essential piece of a smartly dressed man’s ensemble. If you’re looking to expand your closet, consider buying high-quality leather shoes; if you can go for handmade leather shoes, there’s nothing like it. Selecting them won’t require much research, but they will elevate your style dramatically. Hope our suggestions listed above will help you upgrade your closet with elegance and class. 


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