Waimea Botanical Garden in Waimea Valley is a Top Spot To Visit in Oahu, Hawaii

Waimea Botanical Garden in Waimea Valley is a Top Spot To Visit in Oahu, Hawaii

Waimea Botanical Garden in Waimea Valley is a Top Spot To Visit in Oahu, Hawaii

Travel is a critical aspect of life since it is the most exemplary method to escape from a hectic routine. It is also about experiencing life in new ways. Traveling is an excellent way to alleviate stress, anxiety, and despair. Additionally, it benefits both mental and physical wellness. Travel is a discovery process of new locations, cultures, cuisines, customs, and ways of life. We travel because distance and diversity are the covert hindrances of learning and creativity that one cannot perceive from one’s home. Traveling has inherent benefits since it helps one forget about one’s concerns, troubles, disappointments, and anxieties. This benefits you by extending your horizons and freeing you from the pulls and pressures of everyday life. 

Oahu, often known as The Gathering Place, is one of the most visited Hawaiian Islands and boasts the island chain’s biggest full-time resident population. Oahu is home to several iconic attractions, including Waikiki, the North Shore beaches, and Pearl Harbor. The Island of Hawai’i is generally referred to as The Big Island due to its size relative to the other islands in the Hawaiian archipelago. This island is steeped in Hawaiian cultural and geographical heritage and is home to three active volcanoes, stunning waterfalls, black sand beaches, and coffee fields. Visitors return time and time to Maui, sometimes known as The Valley Isle, for its magnificent mountain to Pacific Ocean landscape vistas. Maui is Hawaii’s most popular island for snorkeling excursions, whale watching tours, golf, and water sports, which are just a few of the top activities to do in Hawaii.

From the North Shore of Oahu lies the Waimea Valley that holds cultural and historical significance to Hawaii, and has gone through countless changes throughout its tale.

In 1795, Kamehameha the Great conquered the valley due to the abundant resources it holds, as well as its geographical location. The area was awarded to Kamehameha’s most trusted spiritual advisor Hewahewa and the latter became its chief. During his ruling, some political changes have been imposed, primarily rooted from powerful foreign influences, the traditional kapu system of laws crumbled and conversion to Christianity happened too. Hewahewa, together with his co-ruler denounced Hawaiian gods and aided in destroying all religious idols and heiau or Hawaiian sacred sites.

The ownership of the valet was passed down to another from then on until 2003, when the valley was brought back into the hands of a native Hawaiian governing entity.

Today, Waimea Botanical Garden is a top spot of every Oahu private tours circle island, not just because of its history, but as well as its view like the majestic 30-feet tall fall called Wailele waterfall that cascades down into a large pool of water below it. Trails for hiking around the valley has portraits of past Hawaiian monarchy, some ancient tools and instruments that were used in cooking, dancing and other activities connected to Hawaii’s culture. The Botanical Garden itself is full of lushness, tropical plants that are hard to not admire and other plants that are in abundance due to frequent rain showers in the valley. The Garden Park also has its own gift shop named Ku Ono Wai Wai Gift Shop where tourists can find souvenirs like earrings, soaps, oils, skin care products, signs, CDs and food like toffee and snacks.

Numerous fun activities to do in Oahu Hawaii can only be done in Waimea, that is why it is considered as a major spot to visit when having a tour.

To learn more about Waimea Botanical Garden and why is it a top spot to visit in Oahu Hawaii, you can read this infographic from Go Hawaii Tours.

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