Top 6 PHP Development Frameworks That Speed Up Development

PHP Development

For developing web apps, we can use a very popular scripting language known as PHP. People normally think that the coding process is complex. However, it is possible to simplify coding by using PHP frameworks. Here in a very short time, we can use the powerful apps for developing the applications of a website. In this platform we can start from scratch and the process takes less effort and time. Currently there is an availability of a number of PHP frameworks. Now the top 6 PHP development frameworks that speed up the development are:

1. Laravel – This PHP framework is basically an open-source framework and is very popular. Its launching year is 2011. For creating web applications that are most robust the developers get a lot of help from Laravel. But how does it work? It simplifies routing, security, authentication and caching.

Its advantages

  • With the help of a complex backend this framework can create robust apps.
  • For fitting to the needs of the developers, Laravel offers customization of applications. It covers MVC architecture support, security and data migration.
  • For developing web applications that are highly secured and speedy we can use Laravel.

Its disadvantage

  • There is a possibility of some bugs in this framework because it is new.

2. Symfony – Since 2005 the developers are using this framework and so we can say that it is one of the earliest frameworks. As it has been in use for a long time, the developers consider this framework as more reliable.

Its advantages

  • Symfony is a flexible framework. We can integrate it with Drupal. It is very easy to install this framework. Then it becomes usable on a number of platforms.
  • Because of the feature of reusability of components this framework offers a fast development of applications. It uses very little memory space.
  • Symfony offers a feature of interoperability. Because of this, using translation management and forms management becomes easy for developers.

Its disadvantage

  • This framework has a security mechanism which is difficult to understand for beginners. Only advanced developers can understand it.

3. CodeIgniter – Its launching year is 2006. There are prebuilt modules present in CodeIgniter because of which developers like this framework. Its coding is simple and it can develop applications quickly.

Its advantages

  • Its speed is high and so people like it. It is considered as the fastest framework by some developers.
  • The libraries’ set that it uses is very simple and therefore for beginners we can consider this framework as ideal.
  • CodeIgniter is so user-friendly because it uses a database that is well-illustrated.

Its disadvantages

  • Inbuilt ORM is not present in this framework.
  • Modifying codes can be very hard.

4. CakePHP – Its launching year is 2005. The developers can create applications that are attractive and simple by using the expansive architecture of CakePHP. It is quite easy to learn this framework because it is CRUD (create, read, update and delete).

Its advantages

  • CakePHP is very good for beginners because using this framework is very simple. For easy learning, it can create standalone libraries.
  • Input validation, scripting protection across the site, and forgery protection for cross site request are the features of this framework. Because of this, CakePHP provides extra security.

5. Yii – Its launching year is 2008. Yii is very good for all types of web applications. It is a new framework. For developing web apps, it uses lazy loading which is a new invention. The loading speed increases with the technique of lazy loading.

Its advantages

  • It can work with Zend also.
  • Its speed and performance are high and this framework is lightweight also.
  • SQL injection and cookie tampering are the security features present in it. So, for completing the projects of ecommerce it can help a lot.

Its disadvantage

  • It is not possible to build complex web applications by using Yii.

6. Zend – This framework is basically object-oriented. It is an extendable framework. This framework allows developers to build web applications with improved features.

Its advantages

  • This framework revolves around a particular community.
  • Its efficiency and speed are excellent.
  • It has lightweight library components.

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