Top 5 Things To Visit In Chicago

Things To Visit In Chicago

Chicago is a city of a whole package. It has everything one can expect from a big city, historical museums, beautiful parks, skyscrapers, and shopping outlets. The city is famously known as Windy City as it is situated on the shores of Lake Michigan. If you are looking for a moment away from city life, Chicago has many beaches spread across the city. You can just relax while sipping in some amazing drinks under the bright sun.

  1. Art Institute Of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago is a museum that holds thousands of artworks and shreds of evidence of Chicago’s history. You get to see many paintings, sculptures, pictures, textiles, and many amazing pieces from the past. There are many art pieces from some of the best artists in the world. If you want to visit this art institute of Chicago, call on American Airlines Español Telefono and book a flight now at a very reasonable price. 

  1. Millennium Park

Millennium Park is situated in the heart of the city, surrounded by many places around to explore. The main attraction of the park is the huge 110 tones sculpture, Cloud Gate. The sculpture has a glass-like finish. The inspiration behind the polished finished is liquid mercury. In addition to that, the park is also known for many festivals and concerts that are organized here. Crown Fountain is yet another attraction of Millennium Park. The water in the fountain flow from the people-like sculptures’ mouth. 

  1. Navy Pier

Navy Pier is the best place in Chicago to visit with your family. The huge 190 feet tall Ferris wheel is the first thing people set their eyes on when they enter the pier. There is a golf course for the sports enthusiasts within you while your kids enjoy other smaller rides. Along with that, the place also has a beer garden and live entertainment for your family to enjoy. You can also take a boat ride and enjoy the great view of the city. The best time to visit the pier is at night. 

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  1. Museum of Science and Industry

Museum of Science and Industry is the largest science museum in Chicago. The museum is built in the old Fine Arts Palace. The museum symbolizes the industrial and scientific development of the city. There are me than 35,000 artifacts and scientific pieces of work to explore. This museum was the first US museum to introduce hands-on exhibits, and to date, they have organized many hands-on exhibitions for you and your family. 

  1. The Field Museum

The origin of the field museum was the World’s Fair from 1893 that was held in Chicago. The museum is situated in Grant Park. The museum has hundreds of thousands of arts and artifacts, sculptures, and many other preservation forms. There are huge sculptures of dinosaurs and elephants placed in the middle of the museum. The museum got its name in 1905 to honor the main benefactor of the museum and an art patron, Marshall Field. There are around 20 million pieces from the natural history of Chicago in the museum’s permanent collection. This is why the museum is also known as the Field Museum of Natural History. 

Chicago is the land of adventure and history. The city has a lot to offer, from sky-touching buildings to beaches, hundreds of museums, to many parks. You can plan a solo trip o a family vacation to this beautiful city, and you can make a perfect itinerary keeping in mind everyone. In case you plan to visit Chicago, do check out Frontier Airlines en Español and the deals they are offering on their flights to Chicago with utmost comfort as the top priority. 


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