Top 5 Record Management Company in India

Top 5 Record Management Company in India

Top 5 Record Management Company in India

There can be several types of records that a company needs to maintain. There can be accounting records to maintain the finances of the company. Also, there can be legal records that talk about the compliances. Of course, there is no such harm in keeping such records in physical and soft copy forms with the company itself. But many companies prefer to hire a service provider that can offer record management services.

Why is it so?

Well, there can be several reasons why companies today prefer to get a record management system in place of managing these records on their own. One of the most important ones is to save time and money. Storing physical files and records can take up a good amount of space. For this, companies even may have to end up renting or buying spaces that involve investment. The Hiring of a record management company instead is a much better option here. 

But it is also important to hire the best option in order to have a reliable and world-class service. 

Here are the top 5 options for a record management company in India.

  1. Softage:

Operational since the year 1994, Softage has become one of the pioneers in the category of record management providers. Apart from record management services, Softage also has been offering several other services such as document management, business process management, and others. The professionals offering the record management processes are not just learned well in this department. Also, these professionals have experience of many years. The use of modern technologies by Softage makes the process convenient for the staff and reliable for the clients. 

Today, Softage has been offering its services to 5000 and many more other locations across the country. The company has marked its presence in many of the sectors by now. Some of them are aviation, logistics, eCommerce, healthcare, finances, real estate, and many others. In these sectors also, the company has been offering its services to some of the most well-recognized brands. Overall, the experience, the reputation in the market, along the list of branded clients itself declares why Softage deserves to be on the top of this list. 

  • Syrus Information Technology:

Syrus is a newbie in the category of record management companies and is established in Hyderabad. It is a new company with just a small team of professionals. But still, it has succeeded in offering the best record management services to its clients as of now. Syrus is one of the best service providers of record management. Also, also offers a range of other services such as library management, indexing, scanning, and digitalization services. Also, the company aims at following moral policies of business such as maintaining transparency. Due to this, the company has managed to gain a good number of well-known clients. Syrus does not just offer a great service to the clients, but also maintains a healthy relationship with them. 

  • Reckon Concern:

When talking about small companies in record management, this Maharashtra-based company is another great option in hand. The company is a team of 10 employees at the moment. But it has still managed to offer incredible services to most of its clients. Reckon has been offering services in record management with its professional team and high-class technologies. 

But not just a record management system, the company also offers a range of other services to its clients such as data processing, data extraction, data entry, bookbinding, document scanning, and many others. By now, this company has proved its worth in different industries and is continuing to offer its services to different clients in diverse sectors. 

4. Capital Business System:

This private limited company is one of the oldest companies on this list. From the city Delhi, this company from the year 1950 now has a huge team of 5000 employees. But do not go by the age of the company. The team makes sure that it is updated with the current technologies all the time. This company has been offering its record management facilities to most of the clients in the educational sector. Most clients of the company are schools and colleges in Delhi and other parts of the country. 

The company aims at offering smooth operations so that the clients do not have to face difficulty in experiencing the facilities. Besides record management, the company has been offering several other services to its clients such as digitalization services, document scanning services, and many others. The team of expert professionals in the company not just makes sure to offer the services to the clients as per teh standards but also ensures quality and higher efficiency. 

5. Scanbulk Business Solution:

Another new service provider on the list of Scan Business Solution, that came up in the year 2003. Since its introduction, Scanbulk Busines Solution has evolved over time and has become one of the superior service providers of record management. With a team of more than 100 professionals by now, the company has been offering its lucrative services across the country now. 

Not just the service of record management, but the company has been offering many other facilities to its clients such as document scanning, document management, and others. Also, they have been offering many other innovative services such as document conversion, content writing, and many similar other services. Apart from offering the best services, the professionals also make sure that they offer these services at a comfortable budget to the clients. 

Record management can be a daunting task and demands an investment of time and capital. Companies offering a record management system have come up as a boon for many companies in such a case. But you should make sure that you are seeking the help of the best company if you do not wish to have sleepless nights worrying about the records that you have. The above-mentioned names are some of the options that you can surely rely upon. These have been serving some of the top clients in the country with their experience and professionals expertise. 


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