Top 13 ReactJS Best Practices and Tips to Follow

Top 13 ReactJS Best Practices and Tips to Follow

The world wide web is going in a steady direction, and ReactJS developers need to be always up-to-date with the latest techniques. Even as updates for development and new technology have put a new strain on the concept of a race against time developers must be flexible and current. Continuous innovation and advancements have enhanced the value of mobile phones and applications that are available to everyone and for every need.


Nowadays technology allows the delivery of groceries or other items of daily use right to the doorstep. making the planet a more compact space to be a part of, these technologies enhance the human experience.

Therefore, in the face of growing demands, developers are seeking solutions that are simple to use that are easy to install and facilitate superior performance in applications to provide a seamless user experience. So, with a variety of emerging technologies generating buzz an exciting and user-friendly one added to the list is React. 

React was developed as a JavaScript library that lets you integrate with various interesting components. In addition, React is a toolkit that allows developers to develop custom components, and collaborate with other developers. Because UI (user interface) is a crucial component for app development React can be useful to UI developers in determining improved user experiences and effectiveness. 

This makes React a great tool for creating a stunning UI using complex UI components to create components-based UI. Additionally, it allows developers to use the smaller UI components to develop and create native React iOS or Android applications. While we talk about the advantages of React today, let’s review some of the fundamental React best practices to be followed in 2022:

1. One component is one function:

Since React lets you create large components with a variety of purposes, it is recommended to build tiny components with a distinct purpose. To make things easier, smaller components are simpler for maintenance and testing. They can be reused in various projects. Developers who have few React components can be easily updated and can also swiftly implement optimizations for performance.

2. Make use of the parts:

A single component designed for a specific purpose can allow developers to increase the possibility of reusing the component. In addition, creating a component that is specific to a particular purpose can help avoid having to create components repeatedly.

Developers should be cautious about creating new components that already exist. So, using the same components throughout different stages of a product or in different projects could help ensure coherence. Developers are also able to create and share their part with other developers in their communities.

3. React’s Context API using Higher-Order Components:

React offers a content API for the exchange of information and the transfer of that information to another component of the parent. The solution for this problem is to combine the context API higher-order components to avoid passing props. HOC is a way to reuse component logic and also a function that returns an of the brand new component.

4. Don’t duplicate codes

Although duplicate codes and repeating them is never a good idea it is advised to keep the codes simple and short. This is why it’s similar to what React does. So one of the best React methods is to ensure that the code is clear and concise. Don’t repeat the code. Instead, developers should look over the code and search for similarities and patterns. Developers must eliminate repetitive codes, or change a few codes to keep it short.

5. Name your component and keep the folder:

To make it easy to recognize and use components effectively, developers should be able to name their components precisely. Naming the components according to their functions and purpose can be useful however, naming them about their purpose could be difficult to understand. Also, you should name your components in uppercase characters.

Since the previous React versions had a list of built-in names to differentiate them from custom names, previous versions were removed and adhere to the standard in Capital letters. The most notable thing is that developers who use this JavaScript extension (JSX) can develop components and then name them by the first letter of their name in uppercase. To make things easier, JSX will be able to identify them from existing HTML tags. It is also essential for developers to keep all their files in one folder.

With smaller components, it’s simpler and more logical to keep all components smaller in one folder for each component. This allows developers to have the capability to extract and alter codes as needed in other projects too. As one of the top React methods, it allows the establishment of a process that places the larger components placed in separate folders smaller components are stored in sub-folders to make them more useful.

6. Components: stateful and stateless from rendering:

React components can be either stateful or stateless. But, for the best ReactJS techniques, developers should maintain a single stateful component that loads data using data-loading logic. keep them separate from rendering stateless logic while keeping the stateless component that is used to render the content. This will, in turn, simplify things. Additionally, by leveraging React versions such as v16.8 react provides hooks that write the stateful functions-related component which eliminates the requirement for classes-based components.

7. Utilize tools to:

In the best practices, React allows us to group every React component using the help of tools such as Bit. This practice lets us maintain and reuse code. Also, it allows code to be discovered and encourages collaboration between teams to create components and sync codes across different projects.

8. Use linting rules:

Linting is a method that can be used to address problems related to a language where developers can execute programs and examine code to find errors. Therefore, using linting as a React technique can assist developers to maintain their code as well as reduce bugs and errors.

9. Use snippet libraries:

A crucial React practice is to code snippets that keep up-to-date syntax. For developers, snippets provide help to ensure that code is secure and must be considered a crucial React practice. The tools developers can make use of include Snippets for JS, Redux, and many more.

10. Use JEST:

Because codes are vital in the development of software, it is crucial to test them quickly and easily. Therefore one of the best ways to do this is to name test files the same as those in the original files. To differentiate, developers may add a .test suffix to ensure that they can be easily located. For React code, developers can quickly test code with JEST.

11. Only comment when needed:

It is advised to include comments in codes only when necessary. As one of the most effective React practices, it helps to keep codes clean and avoids any conflict between the comments and the code.

12. The Anticipation of Lazy Loading:

To speed up loading times to speed up loading time, lazy loading offers an option to delay the loading of any object that is needed. In ReactJS the data is rendered and it is wrapped to accommodate less critical items later. In general, it is advantageous in terms of bandwidth and time to render the information when a user asks for a particular page, therefore it is recommended to not be too lazy in React.

13. Be sure to follow the rules of linting:

Linting is a method that examines code to detect possible mistakes. Our specialists use it to detect problems with language It is also helpful in fixing various other issues, particularly such as code style. Follow the rules for linting to ensure that your code is error-free and free of bugs.

Wrapping Up:

Make use of React’s best practices in 2022 to manage efficiently and easily several projects. These methods can help eliminate the possibility of conflict or difficulties in the future. They can easily be altered and modified. They are also providing worth to our community. If you’re looking for React developers who follow React best practices for component development in React Get in contact with us today to recruit a React developer and benefit from our top-of-the-line ReactJS development services.

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