Things To Know About Time Attendance Machine

Time Attendance Machine
Time Attendance Machine

More and more business leaders are opting for the installation of a time attendance machine in the workplace these days. Although this innovation is not always unanimous, it must be recognized that the multiple advantages associated with it make it a practical and very useful device, especially in business. Do you hesitate to install a biometric reader in your company? This discussion will help you make your decision!

Biometrics represents the analysis of the biological characteristics or morphology of a person. Biometrics is positioned as the most reliable technology for identifying and verifying an individual on the market. For example, the simple act of putting your finger on a reader or passing your face in front of a terminal is enough to record information or open a door. Biometrics replaces token technologies, keys, or code. The biometric time clock aims primarily to control the working times of employees in the company and to secure access to premises and buildings.

Time attendance machine, an assurance of productivity in the company

One of the main advantages of using a working time attendance machine (or biometric clock) is the possibility that it offers you to better understand and better control the activity of your company. Indeed, the use of an efficient time attendance system allows you to know with precision the arrival and departure times of your employees, to have a precise idea. staff presence, delay, and absence.

Thanks to several identification processes such as fingerprint reading, facial recognition, iris identification, or recognition of the contours of the hand, the time attendance system facilitates the calculation of the working hours of each employee. This allows more appropriate remuneration and therefore better management of the company’s financial resources. At the same time, setting up a biometric reader can lead your employees to show more punctuality and attendance at work, which in the long term will optimize your turnover.

What use of a time attendance machine in the company?

Today, companies want to optimize the management of their employees’ working time and strengthen the access control to their premises. Having biometric time attendance devices can meet these needs.

Access control: the main objective is to have a reliable and flawless security system to fight against theft, forgetting, or duplicate badges.

Hourly clocking and working time management: a company that wishes to equip itself with a biometric system for the hourly clocking of their employees relies mainly on two distinct motivations: to fight against clocking fraud when employees exchange badges for point one in place of the other (use of a badge clocking machine) or reduce the costs associated with the loss of badges.

Time attendance system, a way to save the cost of business

The adoption of a time attendance machine in a company is also an effective solution to save time, and therefore money. It should be remembered that the installation of a time attendance machine eliminates a workstation which consisted of manually controlling the time attendance of employees on their arrival and departure from work.

Thanks to the new technologies presented previously, clocking in can now be done automatically and can report in real-time all the details concerning the activity of each member of the company. Compared to manual clocking, the use of a biometric reader is less time-consuming and much more economical. Other possibilities to reduce wasted time and save on business are available in

Benefits for business employees

Although the use of a biometric time attendance machine only seems to benefit employers and not employees, it is not. The working time clock allows, among other things, to send messages to employees during clocking in, and gives them the possibility of viewing important information in real-time, in this case, the total working hours per month.

Time slots can be programmed per employee, to limit the authorized time slots. This feature ensures a reduction in unauthorized time overruns, as well as unauthorized check-ins very early in the morning. These ranges can be defined for each employee, which makes the biometric time clock a guarantee of total flexibility.

Biometric time attendance machine identifies in 5 main process

There are several modes of biometric pointing identification: 

The fingerprint: this is the most widely used biometric system. The badging is carried out simply by placing his finger on a biometric cell that will recognize and measure multiple points on a fingerprint previously registered. If the measurements match, the score is accepted.

The surface of the hand: identification with the surface of the hand is based on the same principle as the fingerprint. In this case, the entire surface of the hand is analyzed.

Facial recognition: this biometric system is based on the measurement of different points constituting the morphology of the face. This method of identification remains marginal in companies. It is mainly used in military organizations or companies marketing products with high added value or holding sensitive information.

The venous networks: this method of identification aims to place your finger on a cell that will measure the distance between the crossings of the veins of the finger of the hand.

Recognition of the iris: often present in science fiction films, this method of identification which analyzes the iris (area between the white of the eye and the pupil) asserts itself as one of the biometric systems the most reliable on the market.

A solution that adapts to several sectors of activity

Another advantage linked to the implementation of a biometric pointing device lies in the ability of this solution to adapt to all sectors of activity. Regardless of the area affected by your business activity, the use of a time attendance device ensures significant savings in time and money. No more disputes, verifications, long calculations of working hours for the establishment of monthly payslips cause the time attendance machine simplifies your life!


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