The Top Brake Lights to Upgrade Your Vehicle Stylishly

The Top Brake Lights to Upgrade Your Vehicle Stylishly

For truck owners who value style and utility, the Morimoto X3B brake lights are an upgrade to be reckoned with. Their smoked black polycarbonate optics are practical and tasteful, illuminating your truck bed without dead spots.

This LED third brake light strip reminds the driver behind your vehicle to keep a safe distance from you, thanks to its high-brightness red light. It can survive severe weather and is simple to install.

Xprite LED Third Brake Lights

The Xprite LED third brake light is the perfect option to add a unique twist to your vehicle. This high-quality upgrade is made from premium materials and features a stylish, aggressive look to set your truck apart. It also has a built-in rapid flash feature, which increases visibility and alerts other drivers that you are slowing down or stopping. There are various color options for the Xprite LED third brake light so that you can choose the perfect match for your truck.

The Xprite LED 3rd Brake Lights w/Smoke Lens High Mount Stop 3rd Tail Light Compatible With 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK is an excellent option for those looking to improve their safety and add a stylish touch to their ride. This high-quality brake light uses LED bulbs that are incredibly bright and can be seen from a distance. In addition, they use low power to help conserve energy. The smoked lenses give this brake light a sleek, distinctive look that will stand out on the road.

This light is a direct factory fit with a two-pin non-polarized connector for easy installation. It also features a durable ABS plastic body resistant to heat, vibration, and extreme conditions. The Xprite LED 3rd brake light is also waterproof and has a long lifespan of 50,000 hours.

The Xprite LED third brake light comes with a warranty and is designed to replace your vehicle’s stock rear brake light. It is backed by a lifetime warranty, which means you can be confident that you’re getting the best quality product on the market. This warranty protects you against defects in artistry and materials for as long as you own the product. In addition, if you’re unhappy with your purchase, the manufacturer will refund you. That’s a risk-free way to buy a brake light!

DENALI B6 Brake Lights

If a distracted driver has ever rear-ended you, you appreciate the importance of rear conspicuity. DENALI Electronics Promotion B6 Auxiliary Brake Light increases your visibility dramatically and is an excellent addition to any bike or car. The six-watt LEDs are mounted in a substantial base designed to fit a variety of license plate mount configurations thanks to slotted mounting holes. The unit operates at full intensity when the brake light is on and about half intensity as just running, whatever you choose to use it for.

Designed to cleanly mount a single B6 Pod above or below your license plate, this LED auxiliary brake light is the perfect solution for enhancing your rear visibility without taking up valuable space on the bike. Designed to operate as either a brake or running light, this light is ideally suited to use with the DENALI CANsmart Controller (sold separately). When connected to CANsmart, you can utilize programmable flash pattern and deceleration-activated auto-brake light functionality, making this one of the market’s most feature-rich auxiliary brake lights.

For conventional installations, connect the black wire to the ground, the red wire to your tail or running light, and the orange wire to the brake light circuit. When used with the CANsmart, it is a plug-n-play installation and lets the CANsmart handle the fading, flashing, and strobing of your auxiliary lights. This is a great system and worth the investment for anyone who wants to be more visible on the road at night.

Morimoto X3B Brake Lights

When you’ve already upgraded your truck with new wheels, fatter tires, and more power, it’s only natural to consider upgrading the rest of your ride. This means upgrading the lighting as well. This way, you’ll be able to see better in the dark and protect your vehicle from UV damage during the day.

The Morimoto X3B brake lights are the perfect upgrade for any truck enthusiast looking to add style, safety, and functionality to their ride. They feature LED brake lights that provide brighter illumination than stock, and they’re DOT-compliant, so you can be sure you’ll still be able to drive your truck on the road legally.

They’re also easy to install, with a simple drop-in installation that doesn’t require any modification to your truck. They also re-use the factory mounting points, so there are no additional wire harnesses or adapters to worry about. This makes them an excellent choice for truck owners looking for an aftermarket third brake light that can easily be installed and worked on in the comfort of their driveway.

These brake lights are also the perfect accessory to pair with Morimoto’s Backup Boost Bar, which mounts right above your license plate and automatically illuminates anytime you put your truck in reverse. This is a great way to help prevent rear-end accidents, often caused by drivers not paying attention and misjudging when other vehicles have signaled that they’re slowing down or stopping.

The X3B brake lights also come with a warranty from Morimoto, so you know they’re made to last. This warranty covers manufacturer defects in the lights’ function, parts, and finish, so you can feel confident that your new brake lights will continue to work as intended for years. This warranty is the kind of peace of mind that every truck owner deserves. Consider brightness, durability, and compatibility with your vehicle when looking for brake lights. Check out the Saving Gain Coupon for great deals on brake lights and other automotive accessories.

LED Third Brake Light Strips

If you’re looking for a great way to upgrade your vehicle’s rear end and improve its visibility, look no further than LED third brake light strips. These easy-to-install products provide intense illumination to ensure drivers behind you can see your car slowing down, even in bad weather conditions. They’re also available in various colors and finishes, from stealthy smoked black to clean chrome. And, because they’re designed to withstand multiple weather conditions, you can rest assured knowing that your new third brake lights will remain durable and functional for the long haul.

A high-mount center stop light is an essential safety feature for every road-going car. It illuminates your vehicle’s standard brake lights to warn drivers following you that you are braking, making them easier to see in adverse weather conditions or during daylight hours. It can even alert other drivers to keep a safe distance, reducing the risk of rear-end collisions.

This LED high-mount center stop light features a 270-piece red LED strip with sequential left/right turn signals and a white reverse light to give your truck or SUV an aggressive and eye-catching appearance. It’s also waterproof and has an IP67 rating, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use.

If your truck or SUV has a rear-mounted spare tire, this third brake light kit from Rugged Ridge offers a stylish and functional solution for keeping the tailgaters back! The LED strip lights up red when you hit the brake pedal and will flash to warn drivers behind you to keep a safe distance. Best of all, the kit is easy to install and requires no special tools or professional assistance.

The LED strip has a simple mounting kit and is compatible with most Dodge Ram 1500 models. Just attach the included adhesive pads to the body of your pickup, then press the brake light strip into place. Once the adhesive has cooled down, you can enjoy your new LED high-mount stoplight! Consider your vehicle’s compatibility, brightness, and longevity while shopping for brake lights. For fantastic brake lights and other auto accessories discounts, visit the Automotive Discount Code.

LED Third Brake Lights with Smoke Lens

This LED third brake light is the perfect solution for those looking for a quick and easy way to dress up their pickup truck. When pressed, this LED lights up to ten times brighter than standard light bulbs, making it easier for others on the road to see your vehicle. The durable polycarbonate lens is available with a clear or custom smoked lens, so you can choose the look that best suits your style. This LED brake light also doubles as a cargo light, so you can use it to ensure your gear in the back of your pickup is safe.

The world is filled with average, unexciting vehicles, and your Wrangler JL deserves to stand out from the pack. This attention-getting LED third brake light from Recon gives your ride an extra edge. Its smoked housing and lenses help it blend in with other black or smoked accessories on your Jeep, while its high-intensity LED bulbs deliver a more noticeable output when you hit the brakes.

This DOT-compliant, direct replacement upgrade fits perfectly into your factory mounting location and plugs into your vehicle’s harness connector. It is impervious to temperature, vibration, and shock, so you can trust it to hold up against the elements. It is also available with a strobe effect, which quickly flashes your brake lights five times for added visibility in low-light conditions.

Unlike most aftermarket third brake lights, this one replaces your OE unit. Its dingy incandescent bulbs can fade over time, but this upgrade uses high-performance LEDs that are up to four times brighter and last longer than halogen alternatives. The red LEDs instantly alert tailing drivers to your presence, helping to reduce rear-end collisions.

These brake lights directly replace your factory unit and work on 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK 2/4 door models. They feature a rugged ABS case resistant to weather, and the polycarbonate lens won’t yellow after years of exposure. Installation is easy with a plug-and-play design that requires no drilling. They’re backed by a lifetime warranty and are rated IP67 for waterproof performance.


Upgrading your vehicle’s brake lights is a great way to add style and flair to your ride. Not only do they look great, but they also serve a practical purpose by increasing your visibility to other drivers on the road. If you want to save money on your upgrade, check out Saving Gain for great deals and discounts on top brake lights. With a bit of research and some careful consideration, you’ll be able to find the perfect brake lights to take your vehicle to the next level.


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