The Comprehensive Guide to Carrom Rules

The Comprehensive Guide to Carrom Rules


Carrom is a traditional indoor board game that originated in the Indian subcontinent. It is a highly engaging and competitive game that combines elements of billiards and shuffleboard. Carrom is played on a square wooden board with pockets in each corner and a set of carrom men, coins, and a striker. The objective of the game is to pocket all of your carrom men before your opponent does. This comprehensive guide will provide a detailed overview of carrom rules, from the setup of the board to strategies for victory.


Before delving into the rules of carrom, you must set up the game properly. Here’s how you do it:

  1. The Carrom Board: The carrom board is square and should measure 29 inches by 29 inches, with a square playing surface of 26 inches by 26 inches. The surface should be smooth and level.
  2. Carrom Men: There are nine white carrom men, nine black carrom men, and one red queen. The carrom men are usually made of wood and should be placed in a specific formation at the beginning of the game. Each player’s arrangement should be as follows:
    • Place three white carrom men in a triangle shape with the red queen at the center.
    • Place three black carrom men in a similar triangle shape opposite the white carrom men.
  3. The Striker: The striker is a larger circular disc used to strike the carrom men. It should be placed in the center of the board.
  4. Carrom Powder: To ensure smooth movement of the striker and carrom men, you can use carrom powder to sprinkle evenly over the board’s surface.
  5. Position of Players: Carrom can be played by two or four players. In a two-player game, the players sit on opposite sides of the board. In a four-player game, players form two teams, with one player from each team sitting on opposite sides of the board.

Basic Rules

Now that you’ve set up the board, it’s time to understand the basic rules of carrom:

1. Objective

The primary goal of carrom is to pocket all of your carrom men and the red queen before your opponent does. You should be the first to accomplish this to win the game.

2. Turn Sequence

The game progresses with players taking turns to strike the striker and attempt to pocket their carrom men. The following sequence is generally followed:

  • Break: The player who wins the toss or initiates the game is called the breaker. The breaker strikes the striker to initiate the game. To determine who gets the first turn, both players take the striker, place it on their base line, and try to hit the red queen. The player who pockets the red queen gets the first turn.
  • Taking Turns: After the break, players take turns in a clockwise manner. In a four-player game, team members alternate their turns.
  • Strike Rules: During your turn, you must strike the striker from your side of the board and attempt to pocket your carrom men. If the striker goes into a pocket, you lose your turn, and your opponent gets a chance.
  • Foul Play: There are certain foul plays in carrom, which result in the end of your turn, and your opponent gets a chance to strike. Foul plays include:
    • Pocketing the striker.
    • Pocketing the opponent’s carrom men.
    • Failing to pocket any carrom men.
    • Touching any carrom men with your hand.

3. Queen’s Role

The red queen has a special significance in carrom:

  • Pocketing the Queen: To win the game, you must pocket the red queen along with your carrom men.
  • Queen’s Cover: After pocketing the queen, you need to pocket one of your carrom men in the same or the subsequent strike. If you fail to do so, the queen is returned to the center of the board.
  • Cover by Opponent: If your opponent pockets the queen, it’s your responsibility to cover it. You need to pocket one of your carrom men in the same turn as the queen is pocketed by your opponent.

4. Winning the Game

A player or team wins the game by fulfilling these conditions:

  • Pocketing all of their carrom men.
  • Pocketing the red queen.
  • Ensuring that the queen is covered.


In carrom, scoring is simple:

  • You gain one point for every carrom man you pocket.
  • If you pocket the red queen, you gain an additional three points.
  • The player or team with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Strategies and Tips

Carrom is a game that requires a combination of skill, precision, and strategy. Here are some tips to improve your game:

  1. Mastering the Basics: Start with the basics. Develop your striking and aim to pocket your carrom men consistently.
  2. Practice Your Shots: Carrom involves various shots, including the finger flick, thumb flick, and more. Practice these to gain control over your shots.
  3. Aim for the Queen: Pocketing the queen early can give you a significant advantage. Aim for it, but be sure you have a strategy to cover it too.
  4. Blocking Opponents: Use your carrom men strategically to block your opponent’s shots.
  5. Striker Control: Learn to control the striker’s speed and direction to set up subsequent shots.
  6. Consistency: Focus on maintaining consistency in your shots. Don’t rush; take your time to line up your strikes.
  7. Strategic Queen Play: Be cautious when pocketing the queen. Ensure you have a plan to cover it.
  8. Mind the Position of Carrom Men: Keep an eye on the positions of the carrom men on the board, as this will affect your shot selection and strategy.
  9. Practice, Practice, Practice: Like any game, practice is key to improving your carrom skills. Regular practice will help you refine your techniques and develop a better understanding of the game.
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Carrom has various regional and local variations in its rules. Some of the common ones include:

  1. Dubai Carrom: A variation with different rules for queen and foul play.
  2. Malaysian Carrom: Similar to standard carrom, but with variations in point scoring.
  3. Point Carrom: The winner is determined based on points, and there are no additional requirements like covering the queen.
  4. Board Size Variations: In some regions, carrom boards are larger or smaller than the standard size.

These variations are often played for fun and might have different interpretations of certain rules.


Carrom is an exciting and strategic indoor game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Understanding and mastering the rules of carrom is essential to becoming a skilled player. Whether you’re playing for fun or in a competitive setting, the combination of skill, precision, and strategy makes carrom a rewarding and enjoyable game. So, set up your board, follow these rules, practice your shots, and challenge your friends to a game of carrom. You might just discover a new passion for this timeless game.


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