Resident Evil Village: What Powers Does Rose Have?Be careful, spoilers!

Resident Evil Village Rose

Resident Evil Village tells the story of Ethan Winters as he tries to save his daughter Rosemary from the evil clutches of Mother Miranda and her mutated children.
Throughout the game, Rose goes through many traumatic scenarios that put the baby in great danger that many people cannot avoid. However, Rose miraculously survives Mother Miranda’s clutches and is rescued by her father, Ethan Winters and Chris Redfield, and the end of the game reveals that Rose has mysterious powers.
What is the power of a Rosemary Winters?

Resident Evil VIllage has four Lords characters and one character who has the strongest power, namely Mother Miranda

The four Lords characters include Alcina Dumitrescu, Donna Beneviento, Salvatore Moreau, and Karl Heisenberg. These four characters change after Mother Miranda uses the parasites Cadou and Megamycete to turn them into potential vessels for her dead daughter, Eva.
The imposing Lady Dumitrescu can extend her fingers into blades and can change monstrous forms, and her three daughters are insect vampire mutants that can spread and allow them to teleport quickly around castles.
Donna Benevento has the power to develop a psychic connection with her creepy doll, Moreau has the power to control water, and Heisenberg can use metal in quite brutal ways.

The appearance of Rose in Resident Evil Village

When Rose’s powers are revealed, it shouldn’t be so surprising given the relationship Ethan and Mia have with Megamycete. Mia, who was affected by Eveline in Resident Evil 7, is infected with a Mushroom that allows Eveline to control her and the Baker family.
Ethan’s situation is a little direr, as a late-game twist in Resident Evil Village reveals that Ethan’s body fused with Mold after he was brutally killed by Jack Baker in the previous game.
So, when mother Mia Winters and father Ethan Winters united and Rosemary Winters was born, we might have guessed what Rosemary’s power would be like.

So what is Rose’s real power like?

Rose’s potential abilities are talked about during the post-credits scene of Resident Evil Village. After getting on the bus to visit Ethan’s father’s grave, Rose walks towards a black vehicle guarded by a man in fancy dress from Blue Umbrella.
During a tense conversation, the man alludes to the fact that Rose has escaped their sight and starts calling her Eve, which Rose doesn’t take well. He slams the man into the side of the vehicle and tells him to keep an eye on himself, saying he has the power “even Chris doesn’t know about.”

There are many unique powers that Rose can possess, considering that she inherited many of the same abilities found in Eveline

There are many different powers that Rose could have, given that she inherited many of the same abilities found in Eveline, the first vessel Mother Miranda managed to create to resurrect her son who died of the Spanish flu.
Rose’s ability to supernaturally heal might make sense, as both Ethan and Mia Winters exhibit similar qualities due to their relationship with the mold in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. Also, this power would explain how Rose was able to survive after being dismembered and put back together during the events of Resident Evil Village during the Mother Miranda ritual.

Another potential power that Rose can inherit from Eveline is the ability to use molds to infect and control those around her

Another potential power that Rose can inherit from Eveline is the ability to use molds to infect and control those around her. Eveline used this power for nefarious purposes with the Baker family in Resident Evil 7, so it makes sense that mind control could be one of the abilities that Rose has hidden from Chris to avoid increasing scrutiny of her activities.
There is also speculation that Rose has an aging process just as fast as Eveline, which means that she is a lot younger than a teenager as she seems due to Rose’s rapid growth.

It remains to be seen what exactly Rose’s power is and fans will have to wait for her to be revealed in the final Resident Evil Village sequel.
What do you think Resident Evil 9 will be like?


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