PTE Listening Practice: Learn To Score In Single And Multiple Answers

PTE Listening

PTE Listening-PTE-A Exam -Pearson Test of English that tests your skills based on various enabling and communicative skills with different tasks from the Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening section. 

But what’s interesting is how this PTE Test can prove to be tricky to most of the aspirants; especially when attempting the Listening Section and end up getting a low PTE listening score

Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer and Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple answers task is where most of you make a mistake. These both tasks are tricky and can make you end up scoring low in the listening section. 

The options for both the tasks in the PTE listening test have a marginal difference, as minor as 1 and 1.01. 

The questions here is, can you spot the difference?

Let us go through the blog to understand how you can score better in the exam and understand these tasks in detail.  

Multiple-Choice, Multiple Answers

It a task wherein a text you need to hear a recording and out of the given options, you need to choose the right answers (One or more correct answers) for the text. 

You get 40-90 seconds to complete the tasks.

You need to answer correctly as these tasks carry negative marking for each question answered incorrectly. This tasks solely contributes to the listening section. 

Multiple-Choice, Single Answer

After listening to the recording, you need to choose one right answer that fits-in correctly. 

In this task, you can take the risk of answering any option as there is no negative marking in the task. You get 30-60 seconds to answer. 

This task also contributes to the PTE listening section only. 

Comprehensive tips for PTE Multiple-Choice, Multiple Answers and Multiple-choice, Single Answer for a better PTE Score: 

  • Listening Section starts on its own; so be attentive when the recording starts playing. 
  • As the recording is played only once, you must focus on it. 
  • You can select your answer by clicking on the left click.
  • The primary skill required is to retrieve the main idea of the text, try to understand it. 
  • As the options are similar to the very close proximity, it is advised that you do not go too fast while answering. Read them carefully.  
  • The recording can be in multiple accents. Try to understand the gist of the text. 
  • Understand the quality of the language and the ideas expressed. 
  • Once the recording stops playing, start recording your answer within 5 seconds for the single answer and 7 seconds for the multiple answers. 
  • The right answer carries 1 point in the Single Answer, and there is no negative marketing; so you can take chances to answer the question even after you are not fully confident.
  • Read the answers that are proposed; it will help you understand the text. 
  • Focus on the keywords to understand the text in a better way. 
  • The most important point is to take notes. It will help you catch the right meaning. 
  • Choose meaning over words as all the words in the options will have an almost similar meaning. 
  • Be loud and clear while recording. 

Tips for PTE Practice:

  • Listen to the radio, tv shows and others and practice writing as you hear. 
  • Try learning new words along with their synonyms. 
  • Practice with mock tests and practice tests that have questions similar to the PTE Exam
  • On your practice test underline the keywords and test your skill to identify the main words’
  •  Practice listening with a different type of recording like conversations, lecture etc. 
  • Consider all options and do not hurry to answer. 
  • Shortlist the words that match closely to the list of options given in the question.

Practice is the key! Keep Practicing.


After going through the entire blog, you might have understood that to understand the difference between two closely related words it is not only important to focus on the keywords, but also you must focus on the meaning of the text.

List out the options. 

Filter the Options. 

Choose the right ones. 

The above mentioned are the three things that you must do while listening to the recording. 

Yes! But how? As the maximum time is 90 seconds. 

For that Practice is the key. Try remembering the options given and jot them out. 

Now it seems do-able. Right?

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Take your first step, and the journey begins.


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