Products Hair Stylists Likely Wish They Purchased Sooner

Hair Stylists

Being a Hair Stylists professional is a tough job, physically, emotionally, and mentally. The way you operate daily can start to put damage on your body and build up over time. Many outstanding inventions and innovative products at your fingertips will help with time, effort, and results. Purchasing products that will, in turn, make your job easier and can lead to more success is a no-brainer. These are the products that most stylists wish they purchased sooner.

Professional Hair Shears 

Professional hair shears can come with a hefty price tag, but it beats the never-ending purchasing of low-grade or middle-grade hair shears over and over again. Getting a pair of professional high-grade shears will allow you to sharpen them less frequently and also will last you a much longer time. Most stylists don’t have to buy another pair of shears for a very long time once they invest in a great pair of shears.

A Professional Blow Dryer 

Blow Dryers are heavy and, if not manufactured correctly, can cause damage to the hair over time. A lower quality hair dryer will take double the time to dry your client’s hair rather than a high-powered and innovative blow dryer with the newest technology. The blow dryers on the market today are lightweight, robust, and are designed to protect the integrity of the hair. Once you get your hands on one of these new hairdryers, you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t purchase it sooner.

High Carbon Combs 

High carbon combs glide through the hair like no other! The way they manufacture the combs allows them to be solid and practical. High carbon combs are a must for anyone that is cutting hair. The amount of control you gain from using these higher-quality combs makes it worth the cost!

High-Quality Round Brushes 

An excellent quality round brush makes such a big difference when blowing out hair. These high-quality round brushes leave the hair looking so shiny and voluminous. Getting good quality round brushes also can cut down on drying time.

Comfortable & Cute Shoes 

Being stylish is essential to a lot of hairstylists. Believe it or not, some adorable shoes out there are supportive and comfortable while still super cute. Investing in some comfy but cute shoes is a must when you are on your feet all day long. You may have to pay a little more than you are used to spending on shoes, but your back and feet will thank you. Supportive buying shoes will also help prevent injury down the road. 

A Saddle Seat 

Saddle seats are your back’s lifesaver! Being able to sit while cutting hair is a game-changer. If you are having back pain, this is especially great for you. The saddle seat will come in handy when doing extensions, cutting hair, or even styling hair. You’ll be loving this purchase for a long time!

A High Tech Water Bottle 

Hairstylists are busy and active pretty much all day because of the nature of the job. Often hairstylists forget to drink water and end up becoming dehydrated without even knowing it! Well, that can come to an end with a high-tech water bottle that reminds you to drink, tells you how much you have consumed for the day, and lights up if you haven’t drunk in a while. 

Cordless Trimmers 

Is there anything more annoying than a tangled cord and being constantly restarted because of a cable? Once you get a cordless trimmer, you will feel so free and be able to use it without being worried about whacking your client in the face with a cord. A cordless trimmer is one of the most important things to have cordless because it’s often used for detail work and getting into small areas, so having it cordless allows so much more mobility and ease of use. 

An Ergonomic Mat 

An ergonomic mat is a mat made to go under your chair. The mat, crafted with foam and other materials, relieves stress from your feet and back by absorbing weight and leaving you with something soft to stand on. When you are on your feet all day long, it begins to take a toll on your whole body. These mats will make you so much more comfortable, and you will wish you got it sooner! 

All these items are innovative and designed with stylists in mind. The different things serve different purposes and make your life and job more accessible while keeping you healthy and happy. Investing in yourself as a stylist is important because the job can negatively affect your body if not prevented and proactive. All of these items are significant purchases, and you will be asking yourself what took you so long to buy them!


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