Platter Of Edible Flower Recipes That You Can Serve To Your Pals!

Edible Flower

Wholesome flowers in foods are used in different forms. It can be used in a format like the original fresh flower. Other forms like frozen, dried, crystallized, or as foam in foods.  The dish with edible flowers looks good and peps up the food with flavor. Fresh flower delivery in Gurgaon is possible. The delicacies prepared are.

  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Pasta
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Desserts
  • Herbs

The edible flowers and extracts are nutritionally healthy. In case your balcony is free or there is outdoor space available, grow your plants to bloom.  This way you can control the use of toxic sprays, fertilizers, and pesticides. 

The flowers and their related product are made use of in garnishing, confits, candied sweets jellies, pickled vinegar, essences, food dyes as well as colourings, spice blends, teas infusions, liquors, bitters, liquors, beer, wine, mead and flavoured waters and liquors. Many continents like Asia, Europe and the Middle East have used flowers in their regional cooking for centuries. In South India banana blossom and drumstick flowers, recipes are a tradition.  Sectors like food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetology find flowers as an alternative to synthetic antioxidants. The demand for flowers related products has gone up worldwide recently.  The online recipes and cooking demonstrations have brought about awareness and novelty in cooking. 

The common flowers used as edible products. 

  • Lavender-This violet aromatic flower finds a place in baked dishes, spices, and herbal teas.  Its compatibility with chocolate, berry and citrus flavours is popular. 
  • Hibiscus-It makes a good sip in warm weather in tea etc.  This colourful medicinally rich flower can be consumed as such added to jams, salads, and other relishes. Blood pressure and cholesterol are kept under control by its use.
  • Borage-This star-shaped flower has a cucumber akin taste. It goes well in salads, drink garnish like lemonade, cocktail drinks, and fillings. In pickle addition and cooking of greens does not chemically alter it. 
  • Honeysuckle-As the name suggests the fragrance rich flower has a rich store of honey. Thus, it can be eaten after plucking.  Apart from teas, it is used as syrup instead of sugar in beverages, yoghurt, quick bread, and ice cream.  
  • Roses-All varieties of roses are not tasteful. The flower is a little sweet and is used in dishes like jams, salads, jellies, drinks, and granola bars.
  • Pansies-this flower finds use in garnishing on desserts. Chopped flowers can accompany the healthy salad. The flower finds its place in food being anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. 
  • Nasturtiums have a lemon, peppery flavour. Other flowers are bachelor buttons, calendula, marigold etc.
  • The flowers of basil, thyme, fennel, marjoram, cilantro, chive, and drill are herb plants. Chive has an onion taste. Arugula taste is comparable to peppery arugula flavour. Borage has a melon flavour and is easy to grow. Herb flowers are compatible with pasta, tomato salads, and fish. 

The selection of flower

Ensure you identify the plant. Many flowers are of non-edible quality and may adversely affect health. Learn from flower cooking catalogue or experienced cooks. The farmers in their yield make use of pesticides and fertilizer. The florist and grocery store collection can be questionable. Make sure that the flowers are labelled edible. Make inquiries before purchase.

Pluck the flower and keep it in the water for longevity.  Before use, it dipped in water to loosen dirt and insects. Take it out and pat dry. As the recipe demands either remove the entire stem and chop or use petals as such. Some recipes require the mincing of petals. 

Recipes from flowers

The recipes help you in making starters, main dish, dessert, and beverages. 

  • Hot weather salad along with tofu, ripe kiwis, lettuce, whole nuts, and the edible flower-this recipe is easy to digest. It can be eaten on holiday, work from home, or dinner side meal. 
  • Asparagus salad, radish slices, lemon vinaigrette and flower of your choice. Mix and serve.
  • Dukkah an Egyptian seed spice can be used in sandwiches, pasta, toast, grain salad etc. 
  • Pasta made from marinated artichoke vegan parmesan, onions, nettles. Garnish with violets and mustard flowers. Tasty noodles.
  • Acacia flower fritters from the normal recipe. 
  • Rose summer rolls -pick the normal roll recipe. Add rose petals floral essence to compliment peppery radishes and crisp cucumbers at the initial stage of the flour mixture. 
  • Rose tea cake with pink peppercorn-Make cake the usual way and add rose at the flour mixing stage.

Thus, there are many edibles to pick from. However, the ones that are suitable for your needs will depend on the application.  Pair the flower in a different format with sweet and savoury dishes you make. Apart from eating you can get flower delivery in Delhi through our channel.


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