Owning A Motorhome Is Like Having A Portable Home

Owning A Motorhome Is Like Having A Portable Home

Having a motorhome is like having a second home where you can live and enjoy at the same time. It is basically like having a portable home but it does not mean that you completely have to live in it. There are many motorhome users which just use it in the warmer months or when they have to go on vacations or for long weekends. Taking your motorhome whilst going on vacation means that you do not have to book hotels and you do not have to set out a budget for your living expenses. You can park your luxury vehicle at any point and enjoy the full view.  A motorhome is not just a luxury but it has become a lifestyle for today’s generation.

The motorhome also known as a campervan is a recreational vehicle that allows individuals to get out of the city and go on adventures. It is an expensive vehicle because it provides all the necessities of a home but it requires extreme maintenance. A motorhome has different bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, a proper living space, etc. All the basic necessities such as electrical connection, hot water connection, Wi-Fi access is available in it. However, a luxury motorhome has a fireplace, multiple bathrooms and bedrooms, head-turning paint jobs, and luxury furnishing which will definitely grab your attention.

Luxury Motorhomes:

A number of companies offer luxury homes, some examples are:

  • American Coach Eagle 45K
  • Entegra Cornerstone 45B
  • Forest River Berkshire XLT 45CA
  • Foretravel Real Presidential LVB etc.

A luxury motorhome offers excellent features in comparison to all the other campervans. The luxury features include an electric power steering assist, passive steer tag axle, air leveling system for ensuring a smooth ride. The interior includes dimmable LED accent lighting, a large pantry that allows the extra storage of items, a refrigerator with an ice maker, large TV LED and so much more.

Some luxury motorhomes also offer a spa treatment, Chromatherapy, and heated surfaces for a complete sensual experience. Some companies also release new models of motorhomes every year which is based on custom orders. These custom motorhomes have custom interior and exterior designs with a custom remote control system.

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Servicing of a motorhome:  

If you want to enjoy all these luxuries to their fullest then it is important to regularly get your motorhome services. A serviced motorhome will remain in good shape and will last you a long time. Though, its maintenance can be expensive and not a fun thing to do but is a necessary task that needs to be done. Proper servicing ensures that your vehicle gives you a smooth ride and does not break down on your adventurous road trips.

Fixing a Leaking Shower:

Like any other vehicle, motorhomes also face damage and leakages in their exterior and interior. However, its problems are a little different in comparison to other vehicles. The most common problem of a motorhome and its repair includes fixing a leaking shower. There can be many reasons behind the leaking of a shower. The holes of a showerhead can get clogged due to lime and other deposit minerals that tend to build up in it over time. If the problem is not fixed immediately then the water can seep into the base of a motorhome and cause great damage.

Solar System Maintenance:

Installing solar systems on top of a motorhome can be a very expensive task. Though solar systems are expensive themselves its installation labor costs are also very high. The solar panels provide energy to the batteries which in return provide the energy supply throughout the campervan. The solar panel itself has no moving parts hence it is low maintenance but it requires regular cleaning of its glass panels. Negligence of its proper maintenance can greatly cause damage to the solar system.


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