5 Best Outfit Ideas For Working Women In India

Outfit Ideas For Working Women

Dressing up for work is a part of self-discipline and daily routine. Also, looking good in the office not only adds to your popularity. It also enhances your self-esteem and your peers look up to you for that. It is a well-known fact that the person who takes care of their personality has leadership traits and can deal with responsibilities better.

Women in India generally prioritize comfort above style for their office outfit. It’s easy to understand why. However, choosing something that balances both the parameters on an equal scale should be the approach of selecting your office outfit. Gone are the days when Indian and semi-formal suits were the only outfits available. You have plenty of options of dressing. It can be from designer sarees to printed shirts. It can be from sober salwar suits to corporate skirts. Let us look at a few of them.

Trendy Office Wear Ideas For Women

1.   Saree

Truly Indian outfit that never goes old and out of fashion, a beautiful saree! If you want to enhance your personality and look trendy simultaneously, you should blindly opt for a saree. Apart from looking good, it adds a lot of character to your overall persona. Because of the same reason, the majority of women in positions like bureaucrats, doctors, and professors always prefer a Saree over all other outfits. Also, you get hundreds of designs to choose from many vibrant colours.

2.   White Shirt And Jeans

Nowadays, a new category of dresses has found a place in workplace clothing, i.e., smart casuals. Its interpretation largely depends on your choice. Opting for something which is both ‘smart’ and ‘casual’ should be the approach. That’s how we land upon a white shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Many women opt for this outfit as their Friday wear so that they don’t have to rush and change to celebrate their weekend at their favourite café.

3.   Palazzo Pants And Blouse

In case you are open to experiments with your looks, you can totally opt for palazzo pains with a trendy blouse. The garment pair gives a whole Indi-pop feel while keeping the corporate decency intact. For special days like office anniversaries and birthday celebrations, you can wear a palazzo to stand out from the crowd. Try pairing a solid-coloured palazzo with a printed woman top to look fresh as a daisy.

4.   Black Corporate Suit

Presentation day or an important meeting? Time to take that black suit out of your wardrobe. Black corporate suits are still considered the go-to outfit for working women because of the vital feature they add to the wearer’s personality. You can also wear the suit when you appear for an interview, and you can mark yourself safe on the appearance parameter.

5.   Long Kurti And Cigarette Pants

If you want to combine the Indian and Western outfits and look dashing in the end, you must try the terrific combination of a long Kurti with cigarette pants. The Kurtis need no introduction regarding their popularity as working dresses and the cigarette pants are also the talk of the town for some years now. A complete dress to give you an elegant and professional look.


Apart from the outfit ideas mentioned above, there are plenty of other workplace clothing options like salwar suits, polo t-shirts with formal trousers, long skirts, jumpsuits, etc that you can access on a platform like AMPM. While selecting an outfit for the office, you should always focus more on something which you can inter-pair and mix with other clothing pieces. To be a winner, you need to look like one.


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