Guide to Have A Mesmerizing Experience at Kodachadri Trek

kodachadri trek

Kodachadri is Settled somewhere down in the Western Ghats in the region of Shimoga. It holds its place as the 10th most noteworthy top in the State. Kodachadri is home to rich green wilderness trails through thick tropical timberlands, beautiful cascades, and entrancing scenes. Situated in the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary, it likewise frames the ideal setting to the Moola Mookambika Temple. It is accepted to be the spot of inception of Goddess Mookambika. Getting a brief look at the night sunset into the Arabian Sea from its pinnacle offers a charming encounter. It is a mix of mountain and sea that not many tops in the Country can flaunt.


There are basically three path to the pinnacle separated from a few other less investigated ones. The most famous, just as the most testing, is the one by means of Hidlumane Falls. It begins from either Sampekatte or Marakuttaka. This path is generally steep and rough and expects you to clear your path through thick woods. It delicates streams and litreally climb a cascade. This turns into an entire another ballgame during top rainstorm. In spite of the endeavors, the excursion to the top is one you’ll recall. You’ll be glad for as you’re shipped to a different universe, with supernatural sights. You will immaculate backwoods and testing moves at each corner. 

The other moderately simpler path is the one from Karakatte through Santhosh Hotel, Valur. Private vehicles can without much of a stretch come up till the minuscule settlement. It will help in lodging the inn and one can start their journey from here. This takes around 4-5 hours to arrive at the pinnacle. 

The third path is really a jeep course and is the longest of the three and is one which you’ll be taking on your slide from Kodachadri in the event that you end up picking a jeep. 

Every one of the three path in the long run come full circle at the Moola Mukambika sanctuary which likewise houses a PWD visitor house and several homestays that fill in as a significant milestone on your way to the pinnacle. From here the pinnacle is around 2 kms.

Best season to do the trek

The Kodachadri journey should be possible throughout the entire year and each season has its own appeal. In any case, the rainstorm or the post-storm season is more favored as the scenes here really wake up with greenery. Anyway substantial downpours and the erratic Kodachadri climate can make crossing the cascades considerably more testing and journeying here turns out to be moderately more troublesome. 

How to reach

Kodachadri is situated on the Shimoga-Kollur expressway with Kollur being the nearest (20 kms) which is associated with significant urban areas, for example, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai by transport. The distance to Kodachadri from Bangalore is around 400 kms through street and the ideal course would be Bangalore – Tumkur – Tiptur – Arsikere – Tarikere – Shimoga – Hosanagara – Nittur. What’s more, from Kerala; Mangalore – Udupi – Baindur – Kollur – Nittur. 

The closest railroad is at Kundapura situated at around 50 kms from Kollur and the closest air terminal at Mangalore which is around 150 kms from the equivalent.

Things to carry

One of the features of the trip to Kodachadri is that being a one day journey, you just need to convey the very basics with you which is a gift for the back and shoulders. A little and strong 20-liter knapsack, two or three 1-liter water bottles, a downpour coat attributable to the eccentric Kodachadri climate, a cap for sun insurance, some energy-snacks, a pressed lunch and a fundamental emergency treatment pack will do fine and dandy. 

An agreeable pair of shoes having fair hold is a flat out must (Waterproofing however not mandatory will have added benefits while crossing cascades or streams). Pants or track pants offer somewhat better assurance against those eager drains over shorts however those suckers will figure out how to discover their way inside by the by.

Kodachadri Trek at a glance

  • Area: Near Kollur, Shimoga District, Karnataka 
  • Kodachadri Trek Distance: 14 kms approx (by means of Hidlumane Falls) 
  • Trail Type: Dense Tropical Rainforests, cascades, knolls and precipices 
  • Journey Duration: 1 Day 
  • Kodachadri Peak Altitude: 1,343 meters above ocean level 
  • Trouble: Moderate (No related knowledge required)


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