Key Advanced Factors for Manufacturing that Odoo Address

Key Advanced Factors for Manufacturing that Odoo Address

The manufacturing industry demands various dynamic processes and tools to handle the manufacturing process seamlessly. Here comes the importance of Odoo development in the picture as it successfully replaced multiple technologies that many manufacturers currently use. With its powerful help formula, Odoo has become an agile manufacturing module that offers multiple benefits to the manufacturing industry.

It helps companies to grow exponentially by assisting them in supply chain operations. As a result, Odoo can help businesses increase sales, cut costs, and improve business operations. Here, we will delve deeper to understand the key challenges that Odoo can resolve and how it benefits the production industries.

Odoo Development For the Manufacturing Industry

As manufacturing firms grow, the inbound or outbound operations management becomes diffuse. The Odoo ERP for the production industry is mainly a single integrated system that helps companies run their business operations seamlessly. Hence, owners of manufacturing companies must hire Odoo developer to develop Odoo ERP successfully. 

The robust solution will automate multiple business operations like material purchasing, sourcing, order, invoicing, human resource management, accounting, and inventory for the manufacturing industries. It has several modules to handle the business effectively. The modules help you in handling materials, generating invoices, and keeping a track record of the products.

Key Challenges of the Production Industries That Odoo Can Solve

The production industries encounter multiple challenges like other industries. But, companies can combat every challenge with the help of the Odoo Manufacturing solution. Here is a list of the challenges that Odoo can address and resolve.

Demand Forecasting

Manufacturers use this fundamental tool to calculate the supply rate and establish the correct resources to reduce expenses. However, it often becomes challenging to calculate actual demand for several reasons. So, inaccurate demand forecasting is one of the biggest challenges of the production industry.

Handling Inventory

Managing the inventory can significantly impact the ROI due to stocking difficulties, poor judgments, and data inaccuracies. In addition, when manufacturers cannot keep a track record of their inventory, it eventually leads to several problems, such as material shortages. 

Costing Challenges

Minimizing manufacturing costs and keeping an effective and healthy supply chain is one of the most convenient ways to increase profit. Therefore, companies must use automation in management and operations to increase efficiency and reduce manufacturing expenses. Otherwise, there will be many manual errors, which may lead to lost profit.

Handling Machine Efficiency

The companies often fail to manage the machine’s efficiency, a crucial component of the entire manufacturing process. Companies with outdated machinery cannot operate their business at total capacity. Therefore, they need to conduct machine maintenance procedures more frequently. It eventually leads to delays in manufacturing.

BOM Challenges

Several production companies generally work on a fixed BOM or Bill of Material. Custom manufacturers believe in BOM for several reasons, from buying to completing the final product. However, creating a proper BOM is hectic with every moving part of the order process. Also, the Bill of Materials constantly changes based on customers’ demands. Hence, it becomes challenging to handle the BOM of multiple products without ERP software.

Odoo development can help you overcome all the challenges mentioned above. From handling inventory to predictive analytics, BOM, and manufacturing expenses, the Odoo will help you run your business without hassle. 

Prominent Features of the Odoo Advanced Manufacturing Solution

Odoo Manufacturing can benefit every production firm, regardless of its size. Advanced features will assist you in capacity scheduling and planning, shipping logistics, processing orders, etc. 

It will offer you the precise and actual data you require to handle the profitability and production. So, make sure to hire Odoo developer to create the Odoo ERP to reap its maximum benefits. Here is a list of the significant features of Odoo that help your business.

Finite Scheduling

Businesses can determine the amount of work they must complete in a given timeframe with the help of the finite scheduling of the Odoo. Additionally, you can allocate every resource accordingly. Also, it will guide you to ensure that work is moving efficiently and consistently throughout the facilities. 

Quality Control

You will be able to control the quality of your production with the help of the quality control of Odoo. Companies can plan and manage quality checks throughout the entire material flow. The quality checks can be done from source procurement to the production process in Odoo.

Shop Floor Execution

It is another significant feature of the Odoo ERP that can help your business in several ways. This feature allows for downtime production and collection of the manufacturing results.

The Material Requirement Planning

With the help of this feature, Odoo ERP guides manufacturing companies in determining the number of their raw materials. It also helps us to handle the material supply chain. As a result, you can plan your products, keep track of your inventory, and schedule operations.

Intuitive Dashboard

The intuitive dashboard of Odoo ERP will give you a 360-degree view of your company. As a result, you can improve operational reporting via convenient ad-hoc queries and analytics.

Warehouse Management

With this feature, Odoo ERP allows your business to set up multiple warehouses effortlessly. Also, it establishes transparent and smooth movements between the warehouses. Warehouse management helps to make it inexpensive to deliver to broader space.


Timely reporting plays a pivotal role in handling expenses and business operations. With the reporting feature of Odoo, you will get access to the information on shop floors. It further helps you to make sound decisions Multiple Level BOM about your business.

Work Centre Management

An unmanaged work center of any manufacturing Company can lead to lost revenues. So, you must plan the work center correctly to ensure higher profits. In Odoo, manufacturers can set up tablets at every work center. It helps establish alternative work centers to make the entire production process more convenient and efficient.

Multiple Level BOM

The Odoo features a multi-level BOM that allows the manufacturers to specify how to build and correctly plan their products. You can facilitate the complex BOM, making the production process error-free. It will deal with the components, materials, and sub-assemblies.

Perks of the Odoo Development For Manufacturing Businesses

The Odoo ERP mainly helps manufacturing companies expand in the market. It encourages excellent practices such as selling finished products and collecting raw materials. However, below we have mentioned some of the undeniable benefits of Odoo development for production companies.

Reduce the Time of Pre-production

You can continuously improve your communication, planning, and reactivity to the changing requirements. Odoo allows you to launch business operations faster.

Scheduled Process 

With the help of Odoo, you can offer a faster delivery schedule that you will stick to. It is possible because Odoo ERP will streamline the entire process and reduce the lead times.

Improved Utilization Rates

You can improve labor and machine utilization with the help of Odoo ERP. It will lower the indirect labor time and increase efficiency.

Accurate Quoting

Getting precise quoting is crucial to handle the expenses of the manufacturing process. The Odoo ERP will help you by offering accurate quotes to handle your assets, personnel, and supplies quickly.

Fast Adapting

You can track all your manufacturing projects and adjust to the changing orders with Odoo’s transparent data sharing. It is possible due to the automation process.


Getting Odoo ERP has become crucial for the manufacturing industry as it helps manufacturers to streamline the entire process. The advanced and exciting features of this solution have caught the attention of the production industry. So, you must hire Odoo developer to implement Odoo in your company to boost your business growth. 


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