Important Guide To Plan Room Wise Home Automation

Home Automation

Home automation has been an essential part of the modern home construction because it adds value to house and prevents the robust security more than CCTV camera.  But, Home Automation Melbourne is only worth it, if it’s installed at the necessary locations. As the main aim of the home automation is to provide security.  Most of the people don’t know how to plan room wise automation. The truth is it depends on the size of the house and the where the house is located.

Below is a useful guide to consider while planning Smart Home Melbourne. Generally, there are various areas to consider while installing smart automation devices that are:

  1. Entry way
  2. Living room and bedroom
  3. Laundry room and basement
  4. Backyard and exterior
  5. Bathroom

Living room is the centre of house where we do most of day to day activities. Also living room is the place where guest are seated first. Installing smart bulbs provides higher quality of lighting in the living room and enhances the room look.  Smart home automation can also notify if any theft or burglars try to get inside the home or damage any property. Hence entry and living room is prime location to consider while planning home automation.

Living room automation guides and ideas:

You can plan your TV programs and set it according to your convenience to watch it later. Prefer installing entry sensors at the door to know whether the door is opened or closed.

Kitchen guides for home automation:

Installation of smart devices in kitchen can help you with the voice over command to perform various functions. It can also help in smart monitoring of fridge and set particular temperature to keep the eggs and other food fresh.

Home automation guide and ideas for bedroom:

Install smart speaker and smoke detector in the bedroom. Smoke detector will help to reduce the carbon monoxide level in the room and it can notify if there is any issue like fire or anything.  Smart speaker can be a good idea to boost the mood and have a good time with your partner in bedroom. Other than this, smart baby monitor is also a good addition to the home automation that helps to monitor baby while baby is sleeping.

Home automation ideas for bathroom and laundry:

For laundry, you can set the timer for washing clothes and schedule effective cleaning task as per your convenience.  Smart washer can be a perfect thing that will help you to notify the dryer status and other cleaning task.

Home automation ideas for backyards and exterior:

Install doorbell ring cameras and pool motion sensor if you have pool at your outdoor. It will help to ensure the pool safety and monitor the pet outside the house. Also in exterior, doorbell ring cameras helps to see the person who is outdoor and prevent from bad incidents when you are alone at the home.  Doorbell camera will enable and notify you to see the person before you go to collect parcel from delivery boy.

End note:  It’s important to use automation devices in a right way to get the best benefits and security out of it.  It’s worthy to invest in smart automation for the security as well as to save on energy bills. It can make your life so much easy, comfortable, and stress-free while giving luxurious feel.  Who doesn’t love Home Lighting Automation that welcomes you when you arrive at home from work?  Smart home automation does all the basic functions and sets the right AC temperature according to your choice.

Hope you found above blog useful and helped you in planning your smart home automation project smoothly.  Drop your smart ideas and suggestions in the comment box.


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