Importance and Facts about Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a very auspicious Hindu festival and is celebrated in the month of shravana according to the Hindu calendar. It is celebrated on the full-moon day to depict the bond between a brother and sister. It is a very important and most awaited festival for siblings. 

Raksha Bandhan means the thread of protection. If we go with the literal meaning of the word raksha bandhan, the rakhi needs to be tied in the wrist of every individual who protects us in every step of life. But usually it is celebrated between siblings. 

On this day, sisters tie Raksha sutra or rakhi on the wrist of their brothers, and it is believed that brothers will protect their sisters all their life, and this thread will protect their brother from all the evil forces and bad omen. Brothers give gifts to their sister as a token of love, and it is also a part of shagun. 

The preparation of this festival begins a month before the D-day. The market gets stuffed with a variety of rakhi and gifts. It is celebrated at home. A thali is prepared by decorating it and keeping things like teeka, rakhi, Chawal, sweet, diya etc. Sisters keep fast from the morning until the ritual is performed. Everyone dresses up and performs this raksha bandhan ceremony with their siblings at the set time of the ritual. 

Sisters perform aarti followed by tying the rakhi on the wrist of their brother and further making them eat sweet as shagun. The brothers give gifts to their sister as a part of shagun and a token of love. 

Now raksha bandhan is not limited to the premises of our home but is spread as a festival that shares and cherishes the bond between people who protect us without any close relations with us like doctors, soldiers, health workers etc. They save our lives and always protect us. And they very well deserve this respect.

Nowadays the rakhi market has taken a bloom, and you will find a variety of rakhi in shops and on online gifting websites. You can buy rakhi for your brother online too. 

Not only the rakhi market but the gifts market also witness a huge surge in this season. You can get a variety of gifts in shops and on gift shopping websites. You can send gifts and cake online in India via online delivery services to your sisters. 

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, and you must be waiting for the day to arrive soon. Meanwhile, you can check some facts about this auspicious occasion that you have been celebrating for ages. 

Facts about Raksha Bandhan-

According to the holy Hindu books, it is believed that the first rakhi was tied by Indrani (wife of Indra) to her husband for his protection from demons while he was going for a fight. Then further, this tradition has shifted from the husband wife to the brother and sister. 

There are many beliefs about the festival of raksha bandhan, and one of them is that mother Yashoda has tied the rakhi on the hand of little Krishna on the full-moon day to protect him from evil demons and bad omens. 

Another most interesting belief is that once Krishna was flying a kite in a competition that was organised in Indraprastha and got injured in the hand. Seeing Krishna’s hands bleeding, Draupadi (wife of pandava brothers) rushed immediately towards him and ripped off her saree and tied the cloth in the wrist of Krishna to prevent bleeding. Krishna was moved by her gesture, and he promised her to protect her life for a long time, and that’s why he came to her rescue during cheer haran. 

Rakhi is no more restricted to India but has spread worldwide. Everyone is celebrating this festival in their own way. Rakhi is not just a festival anymore and not restricted to a particular day, but it has become a tradition that whenever anyone protects us or needs to be protected from bad omens, a rakhi, the most sacred thread is tied on their wrists. Even people of different religions are celebrating this festival wholeheartedly. 

I hope you liked and found this article informative. Celebrate this festival of the most pious bond not just with your siblings but with all those unsung heroes that we see around ourselves. 


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