Can We Import Thunderbird Contacts To Gmail

Can We Import Thunderbird Contacts To Gmail

Can We Import Thunderbird Contacts To Gmail

“Do you want to import Thunderbird contacts to Gmail. But not able to transfer your Thunderbird address book to Gmail. Then this blog belongs to you.”

User Query

“Hello!! I want to transfer Thunderbird contacts to Gmail because I changed to a Windows OS local machine and lost all my (.mab) address book from Thunderbird but now I want them into my Gmail account. So, please suggest to me any solution by which I can transfer my contacts. Thank you”

In this session of this blog, we have elaborated on the best possible solution to resolve your problem. Many users are facing the same kind of problem as to how they will be able to migrate Thunderbird contacts to Gmail. We have mentioned both manual and automated solutions to import  Thunderbird Address Book Converter Wizard to Gmail.

But before jumping onto that, we will first know the reasons behind the Mozilla Thunderbird contacts to Gmail conversion.

Why Migrate Thunderbird Address Book to Gmail

The very first thing is Mozilla Thunderbird is a desktop-based email client that means all the data is saved in the system.
Gmail is a cloud-based application that means a user will be free to access from anywhere.
If the user wants to access their Thunderbird contacts from another system then this is not possible.

That’s why it’s necessary to import Thunderbird address book into Gmail.

Best Approaches to Import MAB Contacts to Gmail

In this article, we are going to explain both native and third-party solutions to import Thunderbird contacts to Gmail. This solution allows you to merge both single and multiple contacts files. It also offers a user to select multiple files or folders to transfer contacts to convert in CSV format at once.

Manual Solution to Import Thunderbird Address Book to Gmail

In this method, we are going to explain how to migrate Thunderbird contacts by using both Thunderbird and Gmail.

  • Open Thunderbird and tap on Address Book from the top
  • Hit on, Tools option and select Export to save CSV Files
  • Press on, Save button

After saving the contacts in CSV Format on the local device then come on 2nd method

  • Login to Gmail
  • Choose Gmail Menu and select Contacts icon
  • Press Import on the screen
  • Hit On, Select File option
  • Later click on the Import option to display CSV Files on the screen.

After this manual method now we are going to elaborate on the automated solution to import Thunderbird contacts to Gmail.

Transfer Contacts from Thunderbird to Gmail in Simplest Way

Here we are going to elaborate on this amazing solution by which users can migrate address book to CSV. Therefore, CSV files can be added immediately.

If MAB files are not stored then, save them by clicking on Thunderbird Menu and Options > Account Settings > Server settings > local directory.

Let’s check out the steps and follow them sequentially to get assured results

  • Install the MAB Converter
Interface Mab Converter
  • Select Files and Folder
add files and folders
  • Click on Browse and then hit on, Open
hit browse in add contacts to gmail
  • Path of the MAB Contacts files will show in the wizard screen
    path of files Thunderbird Contact to gmail
  • Later the scanning process done
scanning process
  • The added files will be shown in the wizard’s screen
Added Files mab contacts to gmail
  • Hit on, Export or Export Selected
Export &Export selected
  • Select CSV file format
Choose CSV
  • Choose the destination location
destination path Thunderbird Address book to gmail
  • Press on Export
tap on export
  • Save the export report as per your choice
save the save export report
  • View your converted files
view the converted files

Advantage of Reliable Solution over Native Solution

  • This converter offers multiple file formats like PST, CSV, VCF, PDF, and MSG
  • It allows you to convert the complete folder containing MAB contacts into CSV
  • The user is free to work on this without installing Thunderbird
  • This software offers the option to merge multiple MAB Files.
  • There is no file size restriction.

Final Verdict

Although this manual method imports Thunderbird contacts to Gmail. Whereas the automated solution gives you an option to transfer even a complete folder containing MAB contacts into CSV. This software has a super easy interface that a novice user can easily transfer. Thus, It totally depends upon the user which approach they want to opt for.

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