How To Make Money With eBay Partner Network

eBay Partner Network

Lately, everyone is talking about affiliations, money blogging, and the like.

It is about making money with affiliates using a blog or website.

I already talked about it some time ago because I consider it one of the real ways to make money with a blog, a Facebook group, and any online business for which you have built a certain authority.

When you reach a certain authority, notoriety and you have the numbers to do it, if you want to earn, you can start promoting products or services marketed through e-commerce sites or online platforms. This saves you from having to build your e.commerce site but gives you the ability to easily monetize your articles and readers.

The main site when it comes to monetizing is Amazon with its affiliate program, but the offer of its main competitor, eBay, which created the Ebay Partner Network, is also gaining momentum.

Ebay is the web platform on which everyone, specialized operators and simple users, can sell their products by choosing either a fixed price or the auction method.

Although it has recently lost a lot of ground to other online stores with strong competition especially from Amazon, it remains the world marketplace with the widest assortment of products and brands. 

The choices are much wider than those of Amazon and in my case, I started using Ebay Partner Network precisely because I noticed that many products are not available or sometimes run out on Amazon, while on Ebay there is always everything.

So let’s start to see how Ebay Partner Network works.

In this article

  • What is Ebay Partner Network?
  • How much do you earn with the Ebay Partner Network?
  • How do I sign up for EPN?
  • What tools do I have at my disposal?
  • My opinion on Ebay Partner Network

What is Ebay Partner Network?

Ebay Partner Network (EPN) is Ebay’s affiliate network that allows subscribers to insert links to products sold on Ebay on their pages and earn a commission when the item is sold.

How much do you earn with the Ebay Partner Network?

Ebay returns a fraction of the amount earned by Ebay to the affiliate. Ebay charges its advertisers to sell products and is willing to share these revenues with you.

The subdivision takes place according to a table that you can see on the EPN website.

In addition, Ebay will pay you an extra commission for the first 3 months and if the buyers who buy from the Ebay site will be new or reactivated (that is, who have not bought on Ebay for a long time).

Payment will be made upon reaching 25 Euros by bank transfer or payment on a Paypal account.

How do I sign up for EPN?

To register, just visit the program website and meet some requirements:

  • have a functioning, original and relevant site for Ebay;
  • have a phone number;
  • enter a valid payment method.

Once registered, you can generate creatives, banners, or product links in line with your blog or public profile and start earning.

What tools do I have at my disposal?

The tools offered by EPN are excellent and include customizable banners, links, links to offers of the day, and much more.

There is also good reporting thanks to which you can check the sales and which are the products on which you can get the best results, clicks, and commissions.

My opinion on Ebay Partner Network

The affiliate market is tough and you can’t think of building a site and monetizing it without working hard to qualify your blog and online work.

So my first advice is to always consider monetization as the last step in a long process, certainly not the first.

Secondly, consider that Ebay is less easy than Amazon because ordinary people consider it a more niche e.commerce, and Ebay sales volumes are significantly lower than Amazon’s.

So, even if Ebay revenues are significantly higher, don’t think about replacing your Amazon business with Ebay.

Initially, you could do as I did, that is, you could check all those products that are not available on Amazon or that often go out of stock by inserting a nice link to Ebay. For me, it worked and is giving excellent results, but the conversions (i.e. the transition from click to sale) are lower.

In any case, I think it is a new market to explore because Ebay has excellent commissions higher than those of Amazon and because compared to the latter it has a wider assortment.

Let me know how it goes and if you’ve tried this tool before.

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