How to make an industrial style in your home?

A reminder of the era of industrialization and the factories of the 19th and 20th centuries, the industrial style has gradually made a place for itself in the hearts of decorators, designers and decoration enthusiasts. This style takes its roots in this time when machines take a big place in the life of man. 

Distinguishing itself from loft and workshop atmospheres, it relies on raw finishes, recycled elements, vintage shapes as well as robust furniture with clean and distinguished lines.. Brilliantly associated, all these accessories, decorative objects and industrial-inspired furniture blend into any room of the house for a successful layout. From the choice of materials to colors, through lighting, furniture and decorations, let’s discover in more detail industrial design and the different ways to adopt it well in a trendy interior!


5 tips to follow

1. The canopy, queen of industrial interiors

How not to associate the industrial style with the famous canopy. Trendy, chic, magnificent… there’s no shortage of superlatives to describe this beautiful layout module. This generously sized glazing acts as a large opening. Ideal in a semi-open kitchen or to design a separation in the living room while bringing light, the canopy is as functional as it is decorative. Available in several shapes and aspects, we prefer it with a black metal structure for a workshop decor full of charm.

2. Industrial lights

Indeed, lighting plays an essential role in urban style. The rather dark shades of the industrial look invite you to bring in well-designed lighting so as not to darken the various rooms of the house too much. Light spots, tripods, suspensions, simple table lamps… the lighting possibilities are numerous. 

And that’s good, because we need light in an industrial setting! To do this, the trend is for models in black steel, but we can also imagine copper elements, rust color effects or a little used. On the shape side, the half-round lampshades or those more original, wired or with geometric lines will refine the decoration. Also, the hand lamp, this wired lamp which returns to the front of the stage allows all sorts of arrangements for intimate lighting.

3. Nicely dressed walls

More than for other designs, the industrial style needs special attention on the coating and dressing of the wall sections. Those made of red brick, tile or stone are quite suitable. Wallpapers exist that perfectly imitate these materials for a beautiful effect in a living room, without major work.

4. Floors that breathe life

The floor is also an important element in the design of your interior in the industrial style. The trend is for floors with a slightly worn appearance to display reliefs and give the feeling of lived-in. We therefore forget the smoother and united floors that modern design appreciates. To do this, parquet with an old and aged look is highly sought after. This is also the case of dark parquet floors which allow a beautiful layout in a living room, which it will be necessary to succeed in qualifying with lighter tones in the rest of the room. Check for more! For a slightly more minimalist spirit, waxed concrete is on the rise to generate a nice decorative effect.

5. Recycled spirit decorations

In terms of decor and trinkets, we look for little things that look a little retro and can decorate an interior. The flea market spirit has of course its place here thanks to objects that are reused in decoration. Many accessories are possible with at the top of the list a beautiful mirror to bring depth to a room. A metal wall clock with visible gears is a good trick to dress up and personalize a section of wall.


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