How To Make A Ribbon Picture Frame Mat?

Ribbon Picture Frame

Ribbon Picture Frame-Decorating a frame with a ribbon makes your photo more attractive without any extra time or effort. Even if you have a picture that doesn’t fit perfectly in a frame, you can still create a beautiful photo frame with the use of ribbons. And when it comes to making a ribbon mat for your photo frame, it goes perfectly smooth.

In this article, we will tell how you can make a ribbon picture frame mat for your most memorable photo.

When you use ribbon to create a mat for the picture you want to frame, the ribbon shall act as a custom mat as wide or narrow as you require. You can even overlap more than one ribbon to make different and wider mats for big frames

If your photo was taken in a portrait position and you want to utilize a square frame or if any frame or mat doesn’t fit the right size or shape for your existing photo, creating a ribbon mat is exactly how you make them work together.

So, keeping this thing in mind, let us start with how to make a ribbon picture frame mat

Supplies you need:

  • Frame with or without a mat
  • Cardboard
  • Ribbons
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Tape or a glue stick
  • Rickrack

1. Choose frame and trim photo to size

Pick up the section of your photo which you want to see within the frame. Keep in mind that ribbon matting will cover some area of the photo’s edges, so do not cut off too much of the photo.

2. Center photo on cardboard

Place the photo to the exact center on the frame’s backing board or on a piece of cardboard cut to the board.

3. Glue photo

Mount the photo onto the cardboard or backer board with a double-sided tape or glue stick, using your marks as a guide, while using your marks as a guide to center it.

4. Choose a ribbon

Choose a ribbon that is sufficiently wide to slightly overlap the photo and cover the exposed board. Affix the ribbon across the top and bottom first with craft glue. Trim the ribbon right against the edge. They add a piece down each side, overlapping the first two pieces at the corners.


You can wrap the ends of the ribbon to the back of the cardboard and utilize tape to make it tight. By doing this, it will make the photo/mat combo thicker and depending on the available space in the frame, however, the back might not close correctly.

Place ribbon matted photo in a frame

Once you make the ribbon fixed on the backer board or cardboard, place it into the frame.

Ribbon picture frame mat variations

You can be creative by overlapping or layering ribbons or using different tulle rolls of ranging colors as you desire.

If you like a neutral look, you can overlap it over with another piece of the same color or taking color from the photo and use a ribbon in that color to create a double mat where the inside ribbon exposes a little.

For a scalloped effect, you can glue rickrack along with the outer edge of the ribbon so that it gets partially hidden by the edge of the frame.

Now, it’s ready. You can hang or place it wherever you like in your home or bedroom.


We hope you enjoyed creating this ribbon picture frame mat.  You can use a variety of ribbon or tulle rolls to decorate the frame more attractively. Depending on the size and shape of the frame, you should choose the matching colors and design that resonate with your photo.

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