How To Draft A Well-formatted Essay Outline? 10 Points To Guide You.

How To Draft A Well-formatted Essay Outline? 10 Points To Guide You.

Well-formatted Essay Outline? 10 Points To Guide You.

There is a huge demand for essay writing services among students nowadays. It is mainly due to the problems faced by them when they are doing their assignments. Sometimes it is not related to the writing of the essay. You can be an essay writer and struggle to write a good essay.


Because sometimes it is about the structure aka outline of the essay. When you think that I will write my essay, you need to think about drawing an outline of the essay first. 

This article will help you with 10 points to draft an outline for an essay of any type.

Let’s check them all out.

10 Points For Drafting A Well-formatted Essay Outline.

If you check out any essay writing service, they use these rules to deliver great essays to their clients. These are the following points:

  1. Know The Topic

First and foremost, get familiar with the topic. If you have a choice between the topics, choose one that you have some idea about. 

To be an essay writer, you need to know about the topic to elaborate and present it in a structured manner. And you have sone half the work when you know the issue beforehand.

2.      Research the content

This step is most important and most basic. Research as much as you can on the given topic. Go through books, online resources, references, and journals.

Note down the necessary sources and references to use in your essay.

3.      Brainstorm your presentation

This step is important to give a direction to your essay. Gather your data and go through the material to look for the relevant points for your essay. Decide the points you think are important and chuck the rest of it.

4.      Decide And Pick What You Will Include

Now filter whatever you have according to the type of essay. For example, in a compare and contrast essay, you need to collect both sides of arguments; whereas in an informative essay, you would need a complete guide.

5.      Select The Format Of The Essay

If you look at some essay writing services, they have a proper format for each type of essay. So, you need to outline the format of your essay too.

Mainly, every essay has three major components- introduction, body (paragraph1, 2, 3), and conclusion.  So, decide how many paragraphs you will have in your essay.

6.      Write The Body Of The Essay First

Now, you may think to begin with an introduction as it may seem simple. But when you decide I should now write my essay, start with the body. Assign a point or argument to a paragraph each and elaborate on that point. Finish writing paragraphs for all the major arguments.

7.      Organize Your Arguments In The Body 

This is the continuation of point 6. Now check if there is anything to add or deduct from the content. Check to make sure you follow the logical arguments in your essay. 

8.       Follow The Flow Of Arguments

Start each paragraph with a new point of argument. And next paragraph with the point that will continue the flow of the argument. Learn English and get fluent while writing as well as speaking.

9.      Write An Introduction At The End

You may feel to write the shortest content to ease of your way into your essay by doing the introduction and conclusion. But you will find that the main body of the essay takes a lot of energy and focus.

Once you nailed the body of the paragraph, you will find that it gets easier to do the introduction and conclusion.

10.    Reference And Formatting Style

Now you have the outline of our essay, you need to make sure you follow the format style of references for the sources. For that know the preferred format style of your instructor, whether it may be APA, MLA, Oxford referencing style.

Now you are ready to write an awesome essay with the help of this article.

Happy writing.


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